Under a Colder Sun (Khale the Wanderer #1)


Under a Colder Sun (Khale the Wanderer #1) by Greg James

SPFBO Finalist

A Grimdark Fantasy Adventure set in a world of Darkness and Chaos! Khale the Wanderer: dark warrior of legend, a reaver with a demon’s soul. King Alosse: ruler of Colm, willing to risk everything to save his city and its people. Princess Milanda: an innocent, kept pure since birth, unknowing of her fate. Neprokhodymh: the cursed city of sorcerers where Khale must make a choice that will scar him for life, or fall into darkness forever. INCLUDES BONUS SHORT STORIES: 'Timestone' and 'Each Dawn, I Die'. 2015 SPFBO Finalist!

AdultFantasy/Sword and SorceryFantasy/Dark

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