Ever the Night Road


Ever the Night Road by Michael Breen

This is a fantasy. Of a City of water and glass. Of drowned things and lost memories lying just below its surface. Of concrete slums, and a decaying Oracle Tower. And a deep underground. It is the story of Dagny Losh, a seventeen-year-old misfit raised by the wealthy Benzara family after her tenement home is washed away in a flood. Dagny lives in a fantastical Dark Age; the Regime of Man has long passed, leaving behind relics and remnants reclaimed by nature. But, while the world has devolved technologically, a subtle type of magic still exists in forgotten, abandoned places. After discovering a fragment from her old life, Dagny and an array of companions undertake a high-stakes quest guided by the stars and ancient myth, encountering danger from both criminal and supernatural forces. Along the way, Dagny will discover the bonds of true friendship, young love and the depths of her own bravery in a brutal and enchanting world.

AdultFantasyFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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