Epoch of the Promise: Vision's Light


Epoch of the Promise: Vision's Light by Raina Nightingale

The Empire of Hasseleighton stretches ominous wings across Camil, forcing everyone to choose between allegiance or death. Arendellie’s life is torn apart, as her friends choose fanaticism over living in peace. So when she is given the opportunity to be presented to the Prince’s court as a potential bride, Arendellie takes it, hoping to forget her lost friends and the choices they made in the game of court. But how can she hide from a conflict that is everywhere and a choice that has been forced on everyone? Or from the light that streams through the cracks of her shattered world? The choice was never forced on Azshbir. He left the safe seclusion of the mountains to bring a message of hope to the world. But when he is imprisoned on a charge of supporting the Empire’s conquests, Azshbir wishes he had died long ago so he would not leave a pregnant wife to struggle on her own. Can the vision of his hope shine through the darkness of his despair?


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