Sins of Dragons (The Fire Realm Chronicles Book 1) by Kimbra Swain

How does a country girl from Alabama rule the Fire Realm? Wynonna Riggs grew up simply until she became the one and only Phoenix in the Nine Realms. Her first days as the Queen of the Fire Realm were filled with doubt from the citizens and danger from their leaders. Centuries of war had torn the realm to pieces, leaving distrust, blood, and ash. Wynonna must first learn about the past before she can set the future right for the realm. Her guide on this journey is Devrynth, the Prince of Dragons, who becomes her biggest supporter and the biggest pain in her…well, you get the idea. Can Wynonna figure out how to gain the friendship and trust of the Fire Ream kingdoms? Or will she have to resort to her own brand of fiery judgment to get them in line? Sins of Dragons is the first book in the Fire Realm Chronicles featuring Wynonna Riggs, the main character of Stories of Frost and Fire. While reading Wynonna’s past books is helpful, starting her adventure at this point is possible too. The Fire Realm Chronicles starts Season Three of Kimbra Swain’s Trailerverse.


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