Traveling the Dungeon (Dungeon Travels Book 2)


Traveling the Dungeon (Dungeon Travels Book 2) by Alston Slot

Dale wanted to do more than survive as a dungeon core. His experience with the gods made it clear that with power, he could do as he pleased, and without it, he was simply a toy of the powerful. Unfortunately, it isn't just the gods who have plans for the Traveling Dungeon. Follow Dale as he tries to create his own little world, study magic, enchant devices and create challenges for the gods and an [Arch-Mage]. All while trying to keep Miss Blue-Box happy. From The Spire of the West to the Orcs of the South, to a discovery that will rock the world, Dale can't help but shove his stone where it doesn't belong.

AdultFantasy/LitRPGFantasy/Epic and High

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