Inhuman Pressure (The Infinite Void Anthologies Book 1) by Richard Rimington

Cybernetic elder beings control the stars. Haunted wilderness planets offer no safety. An anthology of nine science fiction short stories of interplanetary conspiracy and catastrophe. An impending apocalypse. A lone soldier at the end of a galaxy. Witness the fate of the universe in a startling collection of science fiction tales. The limits of the human condition are tested as ordinary people face conquest and revenge. Cyberpunk and space opera combine in these dystopian far future adventures. A trail of forgotten lives will have vast consequences for all civilization. Inhuman Pressure is the first anthology in the Infinite Void series. "From android wives and interspecies lovers to robot soldiers and sinister AI grandfathers, Inhuman Pressure is a compendium of action-packed stories that take place in a fantastical intergalactic universe where mankind and machine love and hate each other. A rollicking joyride for fans of “Farscape” and “Babylon 5”." Michele Koh, author. "This foray into space simultaneously takes us into the philosophical depths of humanity. Won't disappoint fans of sci-fi / dystopian fiction!" Kate B., Red Adept Editing

AdultScience Fiction/AnthologiesScience Fiction

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