Butcher of Banshees


Butcher of Banshees by Michael W. Huard

There are 4 dark souls in the realm. The Wicked Banshees of the North, East, West, and South. Yet, there is only one amazing, brave young woman, who must defeat them. This is her tale! Bodana is a young woman beaten down to nothing. Yet soon, she rises from her sorrow; for it is the only way to silence the voices in her head. ___________________________________________ DARK SOULS exist in this world, this she learns firsthand. Those that are responsible for much of her grief. ___________________________________________ It soon becomes her life's mission to seek out these crones, these monster’s that prey on the innocent. Her only salvation is to be a glimmer of hope to those in need. ___________________________________________ She’s a DARK ANGEL who sings her song in the moonlight!*This is her tale, one filled with swords' and sorcery, gothic monsters, love, death, and so much more.*

AdultFantasy/DarkFantasyFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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