Zena the Lesbian Space Pop Star by Summer Rena

A brilliant scientist, skilled fighter, adored pop star, and incredibly modest about it all, Zena Starr is the most beloved woman in the galaxy. And only a few people want to kill her for it. One of them? A bloodthirsty aristocrat from Zena's past. The other? The mutant assassin she hired to bring back Zena's head. There’s nothing Zena hates more than losing, and the assassin’s trap awaiting her at an empty lunar amusement park risks the loss of everything Zena’s ever given a damn about: her stardom, her reputation, and her eccentric crew of misfits that have become Zena’s family. To protect what she loves, Zena must survive a life or death battle with the most dangerous assassin to ever cross the stars, facing off with murderous singing robots, rogue petting zoo monstrosities, and off-the-rails hyperspeed trains along the way.

AdultScience FictionScience Fiction/RomanceDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+/Own Voices

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