One Tin Soldier: A Post-Apocalyptic Superhero Novel by Chris Tullbane

Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Setting

Damian Banach's journey from Crow to Cape comes to a thrilling conclusion! Every year, the best Academy third-years are offered internships with Free States Cape teams, while the rest join the Mission on a multi-month expedition to bring hope and supplies to the Badlands. This year is different though... and it's not just because Damian Banach, the Academy's only Crow, actually volunteered for the Mission. The fact is, Damian's not headed into the Badlands for relief work. He's going because he owes someone a favor, and that favor has come due. Somewhere in the lawless lands east of the Free States is the person responsible for the Break and all the chaos that came after, and it's Damian's job to find him. He's hunting for Dr. Nowhere.

AdultFantasy/DarkScience Fiction/Post-ApocalypticScience Fiction/DystopianFantasy/Superheroes

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