Nightfall by M.A. Vice

Indie Ink Awards 2022 Finalist: Writing the Future We Need: Asexual Representation
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Prettiest Prose
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Side Character MVP
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Finalist: This Book Made Me Hungry/Thirsty
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Finalist: Wittiest Character

A bitter war with Raazenia has seized Sylva. Beaten-down revolutionaries fight for survival in the dark world. As the Order searches for a way forward in the face of rampant uncertainty, Mianna is forced to confront dark secrets about the Order she has served all her life that will shake the foundation of everything she has ever known. As Z'xolkuloth's iron grip increases on the dark world of Hatheg Kla, the last scraps of revolt may at last find the leader they have long searched for...

AdultFantasy/DarkDiversity Representation/Own Voices LGBTQ+Diversity Representation/Own Voices Mental HealthDiversity Representation/Own Voices Neurodiversity

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