Ope' by Yulu Ewis

Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Debut
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Nominee: Best Light Read
Indie Ink Awards 2022 Winner: Writing the Future We Need: Indigenous Representation by an Indigenous author

"In 'Ope (More), Yulu Ewis opens the world of oral tradition-the same, timeless, pre-Columbian world of our Indigenous ancestors that is still present, but unseen by most-to all of her readers. Grounded in the language and world views of her Miwok and Pomo ancestors, Ewis definitely gives us 'more' as it grapples with cultural perseverance, along with the 'sovereignty' and 'civil rights' the US has 'given' to her people in the aftermath of its genocidal and assimilative tactics that attempted to destroy them." Dr. Kimberly G. Wieser, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma, author of Texas...to Get Horses and Back to the Blanket

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