Delphine Descends


Delphine Descends by Darrel Moore


After her family is killed and her homeworld occupied, young Kathreen Martin is sent to the distant world of Furoris for re-education. She will live the rest of her life as a serf – to be bought and sold as a commodity of the Imperial Network. When her only chance of escape is ruined, a chance mistaken identity offers her a new life as the orphaned daughter of a First-Citizen Senator and heiress to a vast fortune. She vows to claw her way into power to sit among the worlds’ elite. Then, with her own hands, she will reap bloody vengeance on them all. But, to beat them she must play their game. She must become worse than them all. Power corrupts ~ Innocence is lost ~ Vengeance makes monsters of us all

AdultScience Fiction/Military SF

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