Fatal Extraction


Fatal Extraction by Evangeline Rain


She’s a space pirate and thief… …who gives to the poor. Would this modern-day Robin Hood pull off the greatest job in history? For 10-years Nirvana led the crew she inherited from her father. They trusted her and liked the life, but she had a nagging need for revenge. It had made her some enemies. Two world leaders wanted her. Was the ambush the end? It looked bad for Nirvana and her crew, but she was both a bad ass and quick thinker. The General of Panderon listened, and they made a deal for the lives of her men. She needed a strong, capable soldier for the job. What she got was Zane. A shy, awkward, genius, who suffered from depression and anxiety was to be her partner in crime, but there was more to him than meets the eye. He was better with books than guns. Don’t judge a book worm by his cover. You’ll love this wonderful science fiction romance journey, because it has all the excitement, steam, and interesting characters one needs to get hooked on a new series. Get it now.

AdultScience Fiction/Military SFScience Fiction/Romance

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