Spacecrime Domino


Spacecrime Domino by Kai MFS


A THRILLING space adventure that hits the ground running and unfolds unlike anything you've seen before! In a foreboding future, the United Earth Government brands its citizens and dictates what they are allowed to do. The stars are the only refuge of freedom left in a world where all countries are one. World War Four, mankind's first galactic war, left humanity divided and Earth a regulated, classist society that brands its people based on their genetics. Two decades later, an alien from beyond our universe arrives on Earth and interrupts events already in motion, rearranging the unseen threads that weave human lives together. Mike, a space-faring pirate on a rescue mission encounters the alien being and a pair of displaced teenagers, Natalie and Will. In a galaxy reeling from the wounds of a recent war, the incident sets his crew on a collision course with a tenacious and unsavory special agent kept in check by an idealistic officer from the Ministry of Science.

AdultScience Fiction/Military SFScience Fiction/Colonization

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