King Arthur vs Robin Hood


King Arthur vs Robin Hood by Sargey Ravenwood


Fantasy featuring the characters from Arthurian legend, and Robin Hood folklore. A five year war has just ended. Arthur Pendragon, the man who was never meant to be king, sits uneasily on the throne of Avalon. He is among a court of allies and enemies, including the loyal Knights of the Round Table and the powerful mage, Merlin. Meanwhile, Robin of Locksley arrives at Moonhallow far to the south. He finds a military division of hostile soldiers. Robin will need to find allies in the ranks if he is to uncover the secret of Moonhallow and return to Locksley. Disaster and treachery laps at the borders of Avalon, and forces beyond understanding draw the king and the soldier together for a fateful battle. Find out what happens when these legends meet.

AdultFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and Folklore

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