9 Levels of Hell


9 Levels of Hell by E.C. Static


Die to Fight, Fight to Live: Welcome to the Hell Games Yesterday, Clint and his girlfriend died in a car accident. Today, he woke up in Hell with dozens of other humans in a game of life or death devised by Death himself. There are only two rules: 1) If you lose, you die—permanently. 2) If you beat all 9 levels, you win back your soul and the soul of the person you died trying to save. If Clint can reach the end of the game, he can save his girlfriend and himself—if the other players don't kill him first. *** This gamelit immerses you in the experience of the game with custom HUD graphics and a detailed stats appendix in the back of the book that lets you choose your optimum litRPG experience: following every detail of the game stats or discovering the game along with the characters. This is the first in a 9-book litRPG series that had its start as a popular Reddit serial that left readers raving. The new-and-improved Kindle edition features everything that made the original series great: kickass fights, killer stakes, and a fight to the death in the deepest bowels of Hell.


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