DragonWing by Raina Nightingale

An ancient war to which the fates of nations are nothing is waged around them. Whether they ignore it or not, their souls are at stake, and their choices will shape their fate. After nearly starving underground, Silmavalien has found a safe place for herself and her dragons to grow in peace. The weather is temperate, and the dragons are finally able to hunt for themselves. But the nightmare is coming for her, and the battle against fear is not one she’s sure she even wants to win. Far away, Noren’s dragon has hatched, and he finally knows why Silmavalien left him, but he can’t understand why she did not trust him. Still, he tries to find her and struggles to hide Elninya, his growing dragon, from those who would kill her. But his fear could turn him into the monster he fears, and his real enemy isn’t the humans who would burn him alive if they knew about Elninya.

Young AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Cozy, Low, Mundane, and Slice of Life

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