Nox by Cym Aros

Jesse, Ava, Rivka, and Marshal Smith ride into the Sierra Nevada foothills, hoping to reunite their rescued horse with her owners, a young couple gone missing in the mountains after an ambush by horse thieves. En route, the four become embroiled in a standoff with an army colonel bent on Indian extermination – a man with whom Jesse has a tangled and traumatic past. Their quest to find the missing couple becomes a broader mission, to defend an an entire Miwok village against the lethal threats of disease, starvation, massacre, and despair. Back at war, and confronted by an old nemesis, Jesse is overwhelmed by previously buried memories, and his mental health deteriorates. The braided histories of Jesse and the nearly-extinguished Miwok Indian village come to light. Jesse discovers himself to be a figure of Miwok legend, while the Miwok people offer him a path to the recovery of his spirit and a true homecoming.

AdultWesterns/AdventureWesternsHistorical Fiction


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