All Kaal None by PB Flower

How did creation come about? An engineered being reveals the mystery to the Trinity! This book is the first one from a three-part series, ALL KAAL NONE. It uncovers a radical take on life. Get a different perspective from a non-human entity! Learn how to exist in your space without disrupting the natural flow. Story of engineered Supreme Being, his consort Menaka, and his distraction Demon on infinite, parallel possibilities & timelines. A divine purpose assigned to the Destroyer gets obstructed every time. All Kaal None follows their adventures on four such possibilities. Book debates about the life and death cycle and the significance of destruction for survival. The meaning of Karma or consequences of action and Dharma or duty of mortal beings is also detailed. Will the Supreme Being perform his divine purpose and plead salvation? Read all three books in this series to answer all the questions around each character and the creation itself.

AdultScience Fiction/RomanceFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreRomance/Time Travel

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