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The Beaver Prince

The Beaver Prince by Moth Hegel

A fairy tale about a young prince who finds himself changed into a beaver after disappointing a local fairy. This story contains themes of responsibility and willingness to learn from others.

Little Red is making friends

Little Red is making friends by Alina Manolache

Squirrel life at Grandma’s house in the forest clearing is cozy, serene, and pretty uneventful, so why don’t we get our capes and set out on a fruit hunt?! Together with Grandma, Red embarks on a spirited adventure. Along the way she eats delicious blueberries, helps a blue jay build her nest, and befriends a pack of wolves (yes, you read that right, not one wolf but a pack). In this book inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, lively illustrations reminiscent of watercolor are woven with the right amount of text to tell a captivating and touching story about playfulness, compassion, and making friends. Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret. There are 32 butterflies spread throughout the illustrations of this book, can you find them all?

 Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story

Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story by Vanessa Morgan

Some cats need nine lives to make a difference. Avalon only needed one. From Amazon bestselling author Vanessa Morgan, Avalon is the heartwarming and once-in-a-lifetime love story of a girl and her neurotic Turkish Van cat. With humor, the author details how Avalon made other creatures cringe in distress whenever he was around, how he threw her dates out by means of special techniques, and how he rendered it almost impossible for her to leave the house. Avalon was so incorrigible that even her landlord ordered her to get rid of him. But beneath Avalon’s demonic boisterousness, Vanessa recognized her own flaws and insecurities, and she understood that abandoning Avalon would be the worst she could do to him. Thanks to her unswerving loyalty, Avalon transformed into a tender feline, and even landed a major role in a horror movie. In turn, Avalon made it his mission to be there for his human companion. Avalon is a memoir for anyone who has ever been obsessively in love with a pet.

Andre, the Five-Star Cat

Andre, the Five-Star Cat by Alma Hammond

In this children's picture book, a spoiled Russian blue cat living in a fancy hotel in Paris, France finds himself unable to enter the hotel one day. Hungry and alone, he strolls to the Tuileries Gardens, where he teams up with street cats to find food and shelter. The friendship and sharing he experiences makes André a grateful and happy cat!

Where is my basket?

Where is my basket? by R. Norok

Trouble for the Easter bunny! Esther goes on an adventure to find her missing basket. Esther is a diligent bunny who always puts duty before fun. Disaster strikes when her basket goes missing during the night. With no time to spare, Esther sets out into the forest, following the basket's trail. Amber, a squirrel adventurer, joins Esther as her guide in search of the basket. Together, they must navigate through the forest on a thrilling journey filled with obstacles and challenges at every turn. This chapter book is meant for children that want to move on from picture books but are not yet ready to tackle novels. The story includes 26 illustrations and is divided into seven chapters. The fun doesn't stop when the story is over! The book includes six exclusive Easter-themed recipes!

Blood of an Alpha

Blood of an Alpha by Forest Wells

“No choice is ever easy.” Toltan is born into a pack of immense size, but one with alphas of equal wisdom that lead them well. It seems nothing can threaten them, until one day when a hunt goes tragically wrong, and wisdom is replaced with arrogance. As the once proud pack begins to decline, Toltan will find himself in a position to decide not only his fate, but the fate of those who remain. Does the blood of an alpha run through his veins, or will he stand by and do nothing while the choice is made for him? Also includes two short stories: "Love of an Alpha" and "Tainted Blood"

Luna The Lone Wolf

Luna The Lone Wolf by Forest Wells

Luna was destined to be alpha once he became an adult, but before he got the chance, his own brother, Rajor, framed him for a crime no one committed, leading to Luna being banished from the pack. Declared a lone wolf, never to know the company of another wolf, Luna turns bitter as he learns to accept his new fate. Yet even as he does, other wolves, strange two-legged creatures, and one mockingbird, force themselves into his life, driving him through a gauntlet of trials where he must reconnect with the alpha he was born to be, or turn away from it forever – assuming he survives.

Warriors of the Suburbs

Warriors of the Suburbs by Tim Kreher

Micas was ready for the summer of his life, going to computer summer camp with his friends for the first time. But then, strange events began to unfold, starting with the disappearance of his beloved uncle, a local university professor. Soon, he would realize this would be anything but a typical summer. Upon his search for his uncle, Micas and his friends discover unusual objects, showcasing elemental powers that beckon them into a trance. Waking from his daze, Micas began seeing a mysterious fox, but there was more to this creature than appearance. The red furred animal was luring him to another world. Will he be able to escape this treacherous new land and find his way back, or remain there forever hunted by sinister stone-like beings?

Books For Benjamin

Books For Benjamin by R.G. de Rouen

Benjamin would rather read about adventures in a giant peach than eat one! Unlike his family members who are happily munching away on scraps, Benjamin is a different kind of worm. He loves to read. Yet, all he finds are old newspapers and magazines full of tomato splotches. Not one to give up on his dreams, Benjamin sets off on a quest to find “real" books. Witty illustrations by Uliana Barabash are a great accompaniment to this delightful story written by R.G. de Rouen. Join Benjamin on his book-hunting adventure and watch your little ones search for Benjamin’s famous signature in their books! The perfect choice for parents, teachers and librarians looking for: Inspiring the love of reading and the value of libraries Books for reluctant readers Role model books for children A humorous read for bedtime BUY NOW and rekindle the joy that you had as a child of going to the library and discovering that first book!

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

The Way the Cookie Crumbles by Ellie Lieberman

A peek at the Christmas tree, when Brigid and her basset, Basil, were supposed to be asleep, reveals someone stole Santa's cookies. Can Brigid and Basil get them back in time to save Christmas? A fun holiday tale exploring the popular idiom: "that's the way the cookie crumbles."

The legend of the Ultimate Treasure

The legend of the Ultimate Treasure by Alexander Way-B

DESPICABLE VILLAINS - BRAVE ECO WARRIORS - A LEGENDARY BEING… Jack and his sister Suzan have their lives turned upside down when their father loses his job and they are forced to move to an ancient, empty, dilapidated house, in a seaside town. Times are tough with little money, barely any furniture and their mother far away - working at her mysterious job, but they are determined to make the best of it. Exploring the outdated house, they find a strange object and soon realize that the old house has a mystery of its own. Little do they know that this is the first step on the rickety path of a perilous adventure that will lead them to lands long lost to the mists of time, as they search for an ancient legend and help eco warriors along the way. With strong characters and excellent links to conservation The Legend of the Ultimate Treasure gathers speed and excitement as the plot progresses and is likely to appeal to many 9 – 13’s.

I Like Ducks: All Year Long

I Like Ducks: All Year Long by Carolyn Wild

I LIKE DUCKS: ALL YEAR LONG is a beginner reader that showcases the four seasons with the life of the Indian Runner ducks on the Wild Acres farm. This charming story features engaging photos paired with simple text, fun science facts and a picture dictionary, which means this just-right text will help build independence and confidence for young readers.

Toby's Tale

Toby's Tale by Jennifer Freedman

Toby’s Tale is a story of strength, perseverance and love. Toby is a Schnauzer puppy who selflessly leaves his family and embarks on a great adventure as he seeks his forever home. He learns about friendship, loyalty and kindness, but he also experiences cruelty and hopelessness. Toby’s Tale is full of colorful characters — both two-legged and four-legged — who play key roles as Toby takes each step of his journey. Traveling with Toby on his journey to adulthood is an excursion along life’s road; a trip that shows how all creatures are searching for the safe, secure place where they belong. With that goal in mind, Toby overcomes hardship and loneliness by finding an inner strength stemming from the values of family, friendship, loyalty and faith. Toby’s Tale is a learning experience shared in a visionary, fun way with valuable lessons about life. It’s a story about hard choices. An adventure that gives people four legs instead of two, by allowing them to view life through the eyes of a dog. A tale about belief, tenacity and love. As your fingers run through the pages, Toby will run through your heart.

Atlas the Moroccan Dino: Face his Fear

Atlas the Moroccan Dino: Face his Fear by Rakan Azize

Atlas isn’t like the other Spinosauri. In fact, the thought of deep water makes his tail curl. But when he’s invited to join a competition to see who can hunt the most fish, he’d rather mask his uncertainties than be seen as a coward. So, does Atlas have what it takes to win? And can he prove that he has the courage to wade into deeper water? Or will he remain in the comfort of the shallows forever?

City Kitties

City Kitties by Rizwan Asad

When naughty little Mitten asks Nessie why she never falls for his tricks, Nessie answers with a tale of experience. She's "been there, done that!" Told in gentle rhymes, City Kitties is more than a story about knowing the value of experience. It's about knowing which experiences are truly valuable.

Charley's Horse

Charley's Horse by Judith Shaw

Charlene Rittenberg is crazy about horses. She knows everything about them—except how to ride. When her parents split up, Charley is sent to riding camp. She’ll live with girls who love horses as much as she does, and she’ll finally learn to ride. It will be heaven. But the cabin is infested with bullies, her summer horse hates her, and riding lessons scare her spitless. A secret friend is all that makes camp bearable. This award-winning novel is not just for horse-mad girls. Readers of any age or gender who have had had to cope with unwanted change, broken dreams and family disintegration will find the strength to persevere in this generous and compassionate coming-of-age story.

The Last Rhino

The Last Rhino by Deborah Stevenson

On the beautiful African savanna, a baby rhino called Ayubu spends happy days with his mother Nthanda and their friend, Imari the cattle egret. Life is peaceful for the most part, but the ever-present threat of poachers looms. In the face of tragic loss, Ayubu must make a promise to be brave and survive. In a world where dangers abound, can one little rhino keep such a big promise? A story of family and friendship, loss and courage, and above all, hope.

The Monster Dog: A Small Dog with a Big Attitude

The Monster Dog: A Small Dog with a Big Attitude by Carmen Tribbett

'The Monster Dog: A Small Dog with a Big Attitude' is the first in 'The Monster Dog' series of children's books written by Carmen Tribbett. A little dog tells the reader about her day-to-day life, causing mischief and making her owner laugh. Ideal for children, ages 3-7 years.

The Monster Dog - A Small Dog with a Big Heart Learns About Alzheimer's Disease

The Monster Dog - A Small Dog with a Big Heart Learns About Alzheimer's Disease by Carmen Tribbett

The second in a series of books for children, The Monster Dog is narrated by 'Tasse' the Shih Tzu. Tasse's story teaches children about Alzheimer's Disease and the changes it can cause in their loved ones. Suitable for young readers, ages 7 to 12 years.

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