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72 Hours

72 Hours by E.M. McConnell

72 Hours. Three Days. Rivers Hospital, the place that was once infamous as an asylum opens its doors to Dr Rebecca Carter, a psychologist and writer. She was given three days to gather her final research into the experimental and cruel methods used in the asylum in the 19th century. Patients whisper of people trapped in the walls, and a Shadow Man who haunts the hospital. Rebecca follows the story of a Dr Floyd, an eminent and popular doctor in the asylum, and Jenny, a patient. But the shadows are watching. She has only 72 hours left.

Christmas Creepers: A Flash Fiction Horror Story Collection

Christmas Creepers: A Flash Fiction Horror Story Collection by Justin Schenker

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but not for the people in these stories. In these first-person narratives, each account walks you through a terrifying experience during the Holiday season. A porch pirate’s latest haul leads to a life-changing transformation. A woman’s life takes a dark turn when her Secret Santa gift backfires during the office Holiday party. A grocery clerk awakens a disturbing figure on Christmas Eve. A family has a frightful encounter with a snowman. In these stories and more, it is time for you to sit back, bundle up, and take a sip from your cup of fear.

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