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The Dust Collector (Woestynn Chronicles)

The Dust Collector (Woestynn Chronicles) by E.M. McConnell

Darius has lived on the desert prison planet Woestynn for longer than he wants to remember. His days are dreary, dangerous and dark, collecting ore to supply the prison, to claim his rations of food and hydration tablets. But Darius does not work to pay towards a cell, as other prisoners do. Darius chooses to make a stand alone, out in the desert. Because you can't choose when you die, but you can choose how you die. This is a dystopian scifi novella set in Woestynn, the worst prison planet in the Ruben system. This is one of four non consecutive books set in this world.

The Woman in White

The Woman in White by E.M. McConnell

A curse that never dies. Two lives separated by time, but tangled together by betrayal, blood and lust. London, 1940. Britain was at war. Emily had been thrust into a different world than she was used to, of munitions factories, rationing and fear. Her husband was far away at war and she was alone with children. But evil walks the streets when it is dark and Emily was its victim. Slowly her life unravels, ending in blood and tears, alone. London, present day. Gemma’s life was on the up. She had just moved into a new apartment and was hoping for a promotion at work. But the building harboured dangerous secrets and the Woman in White stalked, looking for revenge. Gemma's life begins to unravel, as she questions even her own sanity.

The Sunset Sovereign

The Sunset Sovereign by E.M. McConnell


Destiny was found in a Voice. Join the Seven Supplicants as they journey to the mysterious, utopian Capital, guided by the Voices, known as the Sovereigns. Lynn and Willow find themselves drawn to the realm of Sunrise, the quarter celebrating beginnings and the embrace of mornings. Accompanied by a resolute spirit, Fabio and Aidan venture into the realm of Day, while Isobel and Hollie seek their calling amidst the calm fire of Sunset. Yvaine, guided by a dark destiny, treads the mysterious paths of Night. Witness their extraordinary quest as they undergo Trials, determined to find their dreams. Yet, as their path unfolds, will their dreams come to fruition, or will they instead find a nightmare? Because the once utopian Capital is crumbling, and the arrival of the Seven brings about changes even the Sovereigns did not foresee. This is a tale of ambition, courage, and the delicate balance between triumph and belief. Follow the Seven Supplicants on their journey as they navigate their own challenges, questioning what they have been brought up to believe, unraveling the mysteries that lie ahead.

The Guard of Woestynn

The Guard of Woestynn by E.M. McConnell

Woestynn Prison is the most desolate prison planet of the Ruben System, a desert wasteland meant for the most barbaric of prisoners. Ford is a new recruit from the Academy, hoping to make a name for himself in the most feared of prisons. When arriving he finds more than he expects, and grows more than he could have imagined.

Death by Sugar

Death by Sugar by E.M. McConnell

Death By Sugar is a collection of horror poetry. They seek to look at what truly frightens or horrifies us, be that supernatural, psychological or gothic horror. What looks back at us when we look in the mirror? What would happen if your loved ones came back? What does the murderer think as they craft their masterpiece? What if the most unassuming, non dangerous items in our lives are secretly sentient, angry, and hateful? Death By Sugar shows us all the ways we can die. But at least we won't starve.

The Black Cat Bookshop

The Black Cat Bookshop by E.M. McConnell

"The bookshop offers people knowledge, and it feeds from what you learn. But everyone must make a payment for the knowledge they have taken. Even you, Brandon. Even you." An entity was born into smoke and rage, a destructive force that was bound into a Bookshop, sentient, feral, and hungry. It offers knowledge and power, enough to fulfil their wildest dreams, but there is always a price. Payment will always be due. This book follows four characters, all seeking the bookshop for different reasons: Rachel, Matthew, Lucy and Brandon. The Black Cat Bookshop is a Gothic Horror story that explores what it is to find knowledge, and if it is really worth the price, in the end.

72 Hours

72 Hours by E.M. McConnell

72 Hours. Three Days. Rivers Hospital, the place that was once infamous as an asylum opens its doors to Dr Rebecca Carter, a psychologist and writer. She was given three days to gather her final research into the experimental and cruel methods used in the asylum in the 19th century. Patients whisper of people trapped in the walls, and a Shadow Man who haunts the hospital. Rebecca follows the story of a Dr Floyd, an eminent and popular doctor in the asylum, and Jenny, a patient. But the shadows are watching. She has only 72 hours left.

Of Swans and Stars

Of Swans and Stars by E.M. McConnell

Of Swans and Stars is a collection of poems based around four themes; being hopeful, being hopeless, love, then myth and magic. They are at times angsty or raw, they are sometimes angry and dark, or even whimsical. There are probably too many poems about dragons and of course plenty of poems about love.

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