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Running With the Wolves

Running With the Wolves by J.E. Reed

Kiuno is trapped... are her friends. And no one is coming to save them. Kiuno, a twenty-three year old collage student, wakes to find herself in the middle of the woods with no explanation. And 'Kiuno' isn't even her real name. Suddenly, she is an unwilling player in a medieval world filled with monsters and magic. Survival isn't just a choice, it's her only option. In a place that threatens her life, her family, and may even shatter her heart, she will do things she's never done before. She'll fight, she'll kill, she'll rise, but will her strength be enough to save the people she loves? Running with the Wolves is the first installment in J.E. Reed's gripping new YA/NA fantasy series. If you like action-packed adventure, intricate characters, and a battle for survival then you'll love this award-winning novel. The story continues in Rise of the Wolves.

The 13th Zodiac

The 13th Zodiac by L. Krauch


The 13th Zodiac is a High Fantasy, slow-burn romance with a hint of Anime. Originally, L. Krauch wrote it as a comic book in High school. Now, 20 years, and three kids later, she sat down and wrote a novel. So, grab some tea, slice up an apple, and enjoy this mulit-PoV journey 20 years in the making. Running from his past finally catches up to Jase Raion, an ex-member of the Ashen Guard and the Crown Prince of Chall. After settling on the island of Aria, he receives an unexpected contract: The lost princess of Aria was discovered living in the port town of Brighton, on the outskirts of the island Kingdom. A trip to the markets in Brighton ends abruptly as Liya Fairaway stumbles into Jase. She vanishes in the busy marketplace when Jase realizes who she is, the lost princess of Aria and the bearer of the 13th Zodiac: Eternity. And his target. Something ancient pulls them together, a bond that neither can deny. Reluctantly at first, Jase joins Liya and the other Zodiac to end the threat of Soren Raion, the King of Chall. Time is not on their side, and Fate has other plans. Content warning Dear readers, the content within this novel will include detailed descriptions of violence (including guns, axes, and even some by hand), death, and mental illness (there is a character who has an unhealthy infatuation with another), as well as attempted sexual assault, use of alcohol, and foul language which might be harmful to some readers.

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