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Old Cold Cannibal

Old Cold Cannibal by Todd Maternowski


1849. Two men —professional con artists on the run— cross the dangerous deserts and plains of Texas and New Mexico, on a quest to find and slay a Dragon that has laid waste to the countryside.

Towers of Dawn (Exmortus #1)

Towers of Dawn (Exmortus #1) by Todd Maternowski


The holy men of Exmortus Abbey have unearthed a terrible evil. To save their floundering faith, they dug up an artifact of immense power -and unleashed the demon avatar of long-dead gods. Ash Xavier, a brilliant young knight-in-training, survives the avatar's brutal onslaught on the Abbey only to see his entire world crumble around him. With no weapons, no horse, no map and no chance, he must use his wits alone to take the artifact across hundreds of miles of hostile terrain to safety in the fabled city of Helios -provided he can survive that long.

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