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Lord of Time

Lord of Time by Michele Amitrani


Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It makes them deeper. Alfred White’s only concern in life is his career. Until he meets Pacific, a mysterious man who questions Alfred’s obedience to a system designed to harvest people’s time. Yes. Time. Pacific seems to know the inner truth behind time, and he will share this knowledge—if Alfred will accept his mentorship for one day. But Alfred soon learns that the road to temporal knowledge is paved with death and destruction. And, as the day continues, Alfred discovers another truth: there is nothing Pacific wouldn’t do for more time.

Rise of Polaris

Rise of Polaris by Michele Amitrani

SPSFC 2023

Can a catastrophe ensure humankind’s survival? At an orphanage in Los Angeles, an astrophysicist meets a young savant who will forever change the fate of humanity. In Florida, the Space Shuttle Atlantis departure marks the end of the 30-year space program. In Pasadena, a journalist makes an incredible discovery that will revolutionize how we consume content online. But these seemingly unconnected episodes aren’t what they seem. They will ignite an all-out war fought on two different fronts—one for the control of planetary resources, and the other for the dominance of cyberspace. One man. One mission. Failure is not an option. The future of humankind rests on the most audacious project in history, one capable of ensuring the survival of our civilization—or beginning the downward spiral of its extinction.

Project Valhalla

Project Valhalla by Michele Amitrani

SPSFC 2023

Some secrets must remain buried. In an unknown location north of the Barents Sea, a research center as tall as the Eiffel Tower hides the greatest scientific discoveries of the 21st century. The few who know of its existence call it Valhalla, but none suspect why it was built. When Dr. Selene Sato accepts a job at Valhalla for eccentric billionaire Wei Wang, she discovers more about human ingenuity than she ever thought possible. But there is a secret buried in this outpost of progress hiding a catastrophic scenario: destruction on a planetary scale never before seen in human history. Wei prepares for war as Valhalla holds the only defense capable of repelling the coming apocalypse.

Omnilogos: Extended Edition

Omnilogos: Extended Edition by Michele Amitrani


“I am a collector of hopes and peregrine truths, a shepherd of thoughts, ideas, projects and dreams too important not to be realized. I’m an abstract concept that has no body, no smell, no boundaries, no shape and no color. I am the Omnilogos.” So it is forged, a Science Fiction saga that gave birth to a legend, a tale about the life of a man with one project that will change mankind’s future forever. Ten stories about his life, his sorrow, and his quest to gather the resources and the people needed to claim our place among the stars. This is Wei’s story. This is the world of the Omnilogos.

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