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The House on Moon Creek Avenue

The House on Moon Creek Avenue by E. Reyes

“A haunted house story that will give you The Conjuring vibes.”—Kasha’s Book Sematary Fleeing an abusive boyfriend, Cindy moves into her late grandmother’s creepy old house with her young daughter. At first, the home is comfortable and nostalgic. But soon, ghosts randomly appear day and night, doors open and close, a streak of bad luck begins, and Cindy and her daughter have unsettling nightmares. Cindy’s mental state is pushed to the edge. When Cindy’s video recording of paranormal activity goes viral, she gets the attention of famous ghost hunters. With nowhere else to turn, Cindy accepts their help to find and eliminate the source of the haunting. Can Cindy and the team of paranormal investigators survive the haunting of The House on Moon Creek Avenue? Praise for The House on Moon Creek Avenue: “E.Reyes plays with all the readers’ senses to invoke chills.”—Jamie Stewart, author of Trick or Treat “I couldn’t put it down.”—Iseult Murphy, author of 7 Days in Hell “If you're looking for a spooky haunted house story that'll give you the creeps, reach for this one!”—Spooky Octopus Reads

Evening of the Mutated Undead

Evening of the Mutated Undead by E. Reyes

First, it was the UFO sightings. Then the monsoon began. And then residents of a shady neighborhood got what they never expected… Mutated zombies. Evening of the Mutated Undead is a heart-pounding survival horror novella centered around Jeff, a small-time drug dealer in Arizona. Chaos ensues on a seemingly ordinary evening as a horrifying zombie outbreak strikes during a relentless monsoon. To Jeff's horror, these undead creatures don't just eat their victims but mutate their bodies, leading to a gruesome blend of unworldly mutation and decomposition

Christmas in the Empty Cabin

Christmas in the Empty Cabin by E. Reyes

Horror and the supernatural don’t take holiday vacations… Take a holiday trip with E. Reyes to the dark side of the most wonderful time of the year. While you’re there visit… A hot holiday toy that brings terror to a department store. A man caught in a blizzard as he searches for help for a dying friend. A girl who wakes up to surprise visitors on Día de los Muertos. A man who recounts a sick and twisted Thanksgiving. A boy who becomes intrigued by a mysterious house and the girl who resides there during fall break. A family man who struggles with a dilemma that may cost him his soul. “A beautifully written collection… a unique and creative delight… I devoured it and loved it!”—Julie Hiner, author of Final Track “A great collection of thrilling and shocking tales that will get your heart pounding!”—Eric Woods, author of Pummeled “A great range of short tales for anyone looking for a quick, mysterious read.”—M.E. Aster, author of Three Halves of a Whole “Captures the melancholy, dark side of the holidays.”—Elford Alley, author of Ash and Bone

Strange Tales of the Macabre

Strange Tales of the Macabre by E. Reyes

Immerse yourself in E. Reyes’ haunting worlds with this spine-chilling collection exploring humanity’s encounters with the eerie and the unknown. A group of friends break into a home and are in for a night of unsuspected terror. A teen discovers a true crime book that no one else remembers. A young girl’s doll becomes a conduit for ancient evil. A pair of clowns turn to the supernatural to save a failing thrill ride. These and other unsettling tales await… Step into the unexplainable with Strange Tales of the Macabre

The Love Song of Nathan Crane

The Love Song of Nathan Crane by E. Reyes

Nathan Crane, a handsome and charming young man, becomes fixated on Christine Romero, a stunning woman who catches his eye. Despite his initial attempts to woo her, Christine repeatedly rejects Nathan's advances, and he spirals into a dangerous obsession. As Nathan's obsession with Christine intensifies, he reveals his dark side. His once-charming demeanor is replaced with menacing and possessive behavior, and he becomes determined to make Christine love him, even if it means keeping her all to himself. Nathan's solution to his problem is extreme and violent, leading him down a dangerous path. As Christine becomes aware of the extent of Nathan's obsession and his true nature, she is forced to fight for her life and her freedom. As the story unfolds, Nathan's obsession with Christine reaches a fever pitch, leading to a final confrontation that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. This gripping novel explores the dark side of obsession and the lengths some people will go to in order to get what they want.

Devil’s Hill: Stories

Devil’s Hill: Stories by E. Reyes

Stephen King has Castle Rock. R. L. Stine has Fear Street. E. Reyes has Devil’s Hill. Welcome to Devil’s Hill, Arizona; a place that runs rampant with the occult, paranormal, and supernatural. As Halloween approaches and a group of teenage witches inadvertently summon an ancient deity into a scarecrow, they set off a chain of events that unleashes true evil upon the town. In these interconnected stories, you’ll encounter ghostly spirits, killers, malevolent deities, and other unexplainable horrors as the town of Devil’s Hill is plunged into darkness. Don’t miss out on the terror that awaits in Devil’s Hill! Praise for Devil’s Hill: “Where do fans of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps go when we grow up? There's plenty of room in Devil's Hill, Arizona...if you dare.”—Julia DeBarrioz, author of Cazadora “Absolutely worth reading.”—Heather Miller, author of One Night Stand at the End of the World “I would FOR SURE recommend this book to horror lovers and horror newbies alike, and I will certainly be looking for more E. Reyes in the future!”—Spooky Octopus Reads

Devil’s Hill II

Devil’s Hill II by E. Reyes

Welcome back to Devil’s Hill, AZ, where reality distorts, and nightmares walk in E. Reyes’ latest collection of terrifying tales. A séance to contact a deceased horror author unleashes chaos. A girl works with ghosts to stop kidnappings and murders on Halloween night. A group of teens are attacked by wolf-like creatures in the desert. The jack-o’-lantern-headed “Pumpkin Man” goes on a rampage collecting souls. These unnerving tales and others each draw you one step closer to becoming a permanent resident of Devil's Hill!

The Halloween Grindhouse: An Anthology

The Halloween Grindhouse: An Anthology by E. Reyes

“If you love horror… you must read this book.”—Julie Hiner, author of Final Track On Halloween night, four friends use a new app that takes users to random weird, creepy, and haunted locations. The location generated for them is an abandoned house in a sketchy neighborhood. Inside, they discover a series of VHS tapes, each revealing a blood-curdling tale that pushes the boundaries of fear and darkness… Encounter a terrifying zombie uprising born from the depths of drug cartel torture chambers. Navigate a haunted house alongside a group of unsuspecting friends, where the supernatural lurks around every corner. Witness the brutal karmic justice delivered by an evil entity on Mischief Night. And hold your breath as a kidnapped girl struggles to escape the twisted clutches of a monstrous captor and his sinister grandmother. From supernatural nightmares to the macabre realities of human evil, each story in this anthology offers a unique and harrowing journey, filled with twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, dim the lights and brace yourself for a heart-stopping descent into the darkest corners of The Halloween Grindhouse. Praise for The Halloween Grindhouse “This was a fun read. Think Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adult version. Great concept.”—Stephanie Reads Reviews “This book has it all. E. Reyes has definitely caught my attention and has left me thirsty for more!”—Rose Devours Books Reviews “E. Reyes enthralled me with this Halloween themed collection. ...I found a new favorite author.”—Andrew Robert, contributor to Slice of Paradise “If you're looking for a bloody book for this Halloween season, you can't go wrong with this one.”—Michael R. Goodwin, author of Smolder “I adored this… if you're a fan of old school horror movies/vibes, then this is highly recommended.”—H. Everend, author of Cursed Legacy

Jack Forest, Soul Collector

Jack Forest, Soul Collector by E. Reyes

In the gripping novelette Jack Forest, Soul Collector, the town of Devil’s Hill, Arizona, becomes the stage for a chilling and morally complex tale. Jack Forest, a man returned from the dead on Halloween night, is compelled to serve as a soul collector for Hell. Tasked with branding the souls of woman abusers, he embarks on a haunting mission. As Jack navigates the shadowy realm between the living and the dead, he is torn between the ruthless directives of Hell and his own sense of justice. The line blurs when faced with a momentous decision that challenges his very nature. This gripping narrative explores themes of redemption, the consequences of one’s actions, and the power of individual choice. Jack Forest, Soul Collector delves into the darkness of the human soul and the depths of compassion that may yet emerge from the most unlikely circumstances.

Christmas Night of the Scurry Furry

Christmas Night of the Scurry Furry by E. Reyes

Amber, a young woman working in a small retail store on Christmas Eve, finds herself amid chaos when the hot holiday toy, Scurry Furry, comes to life and begins wreaking havoc. The once-adorable creatures become a horde of vicious monsters, leaving a trail of destruction and gore in their wake. With no outside help, Amber and her employees must take matters into their own hands and fight against the Scurry Furry army. The situation is darkly humorous, as Amber and her team wield anything they can find as a weapon, from baseball bats to candy canes. The battle is gory and intense, but Amber refuses to back down. Will she be able to save the store and survive the night?

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