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Blood of Vengeance

Blood of Vengeance by Angel Haze


In the gladiator’s arena of blood and death, magic cuts deeper than steel. Stolen from the streets and condemned to battle as a gladiator, Killien survives by deceit and subterfuge. He must play the role of “Killer,” the prince’s savage, bloodthirsty champion. Undefeated in battle, Killien wields a secret advantage: the magic enhancing his weapons and fueling his attacks. The cost of losing carries a price worse than death. A wager between his vindictive master and a conspiring rival pits Killien in a fight to the death against a mysterious warrior—one he has no hope of defeating.

Blood of Vengeance is the prequel to the Battleborn Mage series. It is a dark epic fantasy tale of magic, battles, betrayal, and revenge, of gladiators, warriors, monsters, and criminals pitted against each other in a deadly struggle to survive. If you are looking for an action-packed fantasy adventure, escape into the world of Arcanthia where nothing is as it seems.

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