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Untitled Spy Story: A Novel

Untitled Spy Story: A Novel by Aaron C Cross


Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time. Sometimes someone ends up getting shot and you're on the run with your brother, the girl you want to sleep with, the girl your brother wants to sleep with, and the guy that slept with your girlfriend. Sometimes that ends up with a whole lot of mescal being consumed and hallucinating dance sequences. Sometimes that ends up with the Secretary of State wanting you dead. For Will Texas, sometime is now.

The Boddicker Letters

The Boddicker Letters by A.C. Cross

Titus Boddicker is in love. So in love, in fact, that he sends his beloved Luisa a letter nearly every day. Unfortunately for Titus, these letters paint a picture of a descent into the darkest regions of reality. Will he be saved? Can he? Can anyone?


Zoo by A.C. Cross

Welcome to the Zoo! Inside, you won't find tigers or lions but Anxieties galore. You'll crawl through the Depression Caves and gallivant through the Regret Gardens. You'll see wondrous creatures that will tug at the very heart of you. And at the very end, amidst it all, we offer you one more surprise. Join us for a tour today!

Where Blood Runs Gold

Where Blood Runs Gold by A.C. Cross


Sheriff Errol Thorpe’s life is chaotic, brutal, and above all, solitary. After an unimaginable loss years ago, all he feels is the compulsion to seek vengeance. But when a vulnerable family arrives in town, facing an ugly future, he is pulled headfirst into a web of violence, secrets, and things he never imagined. In search of truth and answers, Thorpe finds himself battling deadly flesh-eating Dust, acidic golden blood, and the political designs of powerful people – all the while learning how to be a person again. When Dust rises in San Dios, people hide indoors. When Sheriff Thorpe arrives, people run.

Ruben's Cube Alaska: Bullet Point 2: Judgment Day: This Time It's Real

Ruben's Cube Alaska: Bullet Point 2: Judgment Day: This Time It's Real by Aaron C Cross


Sometimes you just wake up and your entire life changes. You know, it's standard, really. Contacted by a shadowy government agency who thinks you're someone else. Hooking up with the local pastor's daughter and feeling guilty about it. Becoming roomies with a Russian who is possibly immortal. Getting swept up in international intrigue that threatens to end your life at any time and also you may be that person that people thought you were but you also may not be. It's complicated. Also, you or someone else that is also a hero and not you specifically find out that your entire life is part of some grander story over which you have no control and, in fact, are something more like a certainty, which doesn't really make sense even in context. Also, maybe you're the author and get tons of shade thrown your way by your own characters. That can happen too.

Robocopter Ski Patrol

Robocopter Ski Patrol by Aaron C Cross


The year is...some year. Let's say the present. Yellow cake uranium sits, waiting to be sold, in a foreign country. The leader hides himself away, fearing assassination - as he should, because that's how the country works. It's kind of a stupid country.And well he should worry, for skulking his way around Europe is an ambitious Baron just looking for the right opportunity to seize the throne and all the powers and chances that come with it. If only his pets would stop exploding...Across the ocean, Adam Bitchenstein attempts to win over Miss Girl from Ipanema for the nth time. However, a phone call from out of the blue will change everything in their lives forever. It's always a phone call, right?Join Adam, Miss Girl from Ipanema, and a cast of idiots and perverts as they seek to stop the balance of world power from changing before it's too late.Also, there's a Robocopter. Not sure if you picked that up's kind of important.

The Blacktop Blues: A Dieselpunk Adventure (The Crossover Case Files Book 1)

The Blacktop Blues: A Dieselpunk Adventure (The Crossover Case Files Book 1) by Richard Levesque

He's lost his girl and now his mind. Jed Strait survived the war, but will his homecoming be the death of him? Jed Strait made it through the war unscathed. Or at least, that's what he thought. But now that he's home, he's not so sure, because he’s plagued by horrifying flashbacks. Only, they're visions of events that never occurred. All he wants is to reconnect with the woman he left behind and get on with his life, but according to the visions, that's the worst thing he could do. If he follows Annabelle to LA, his nightmares could actually become real, but staying in New York with no Annabelle and no explanations will surely drive him mad. Damned if he goes and damned if he stays, the only path forward is the one leading west, to the final crescendo of either marriage, misery or madness waiting for him at the end of a road that’s paved with The Blacktop Blues. Fans of hard-boiled detective stories and Dieselpunk science fiction will enjoy The Blacktop Blues, the first installment in the thrilling Crossover Case Files series.

Mouse Cage (Stories from San Iadras)

Mouse Cage (Stories from San Iadras) by Malcolm F. Cross

SPSFC 2022

Troy carries more secrets with him than most. A test subject for experimental surgery, a clone gengineered from modified lab mice, an addict. He tells himself that his past is behind him, but he’ll never escape his childhood in Lake North’s labs. What was done to him there, what he was made into, what he did. Fifteen years after the Emancipation freed him, a prestigious charity invites him to speak about it at their fundraising evening. That’s where Troy meets the love of his life – Jennifer. A woman with a hundred and sixty-seven clone sisters and a past she doesn’t like talking about. Hurts that don’t show on the outside. Dark secrets she’s unwilling to even whisper. Troy’s perfect match. But when the past begins catching up to Troy, not even their love will be strong enough to protect him if he can’t face the agonizing truth of who he and Jennifer really are. For a pair of experts at hiding from the truth, finding a way to stop lying to themselves and each other isn’t the happily ever after for their story. It’s the start.

The Ashavan: The Secret History of the Multiverse (Across the Asha)

The Ashavan: The Secret History of the Multiverse (Across the Asha) by James Parrish

It’s dark and foul in the sewers of Mazu, capital city of the Island of Mazu. The wide, slimy tunnels that were originally constructed to spew excess water deposited by the Stormphoenix back into the Middle Sea now house an elite team of magi, readying themselves for a near suicidal assault on the impenetrable castle known simply as the Gray Keep. Amongst them John Michael Williams and Lilith Smith, two Drifters from Earth, sit side by side in the muck, wondering how the twists and turns of their very different lives brought them together in this frightening new world called Nocht. There is not one universe, but many, and like all things, each world is paired with its opposite. Earth is no exception. Its sister world of Nocht has leveraged a mystical connection to steal life from Earth since the dawn of time, spawning a chaotic and often dangerous evolutionary timeline that seamlessly melds history and fantasy. This dark sister-planet is particularly selective over humans however, choosing to take only those gifted with magical ability. As Drifters, both Mike and Lily are granted these magical gifts. After being pulled away from their family, friends, and countries their foreign status in this ancient world both elevate and alienate them in the ruthless social hierarchy of humans that have managed to survive Nocht’s harsh environment for millennia. Despite arriving in that world at different times and ages, they lean on each other heavily, bonding over a shared past and leverage each other’s skillsets to survive an invasion by a refined, yet vicious nation of warriors known as the Alari. The first leg of their story ends with confessions of love, and with the pair being threatened into separation by forces beyond their control. Can two exiles outwit and outfight the unforgiving forces of Nocht and return home to their families? Only time will tell.

Dog Country

Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross


A crowdfunded civil war is Azerbaijan’s only hope against its murderous dictatorship. The war is Edane Estian’s only chance to find out if he’s more than what he was designed to be. He’s a clone soldier, gengineered from a dog’s DNA and hardened by a brutal training regime. He’d be perfect for the job if an outraged society hadn’t intervened, freed him at age seven, and placed him in an adopted family. Is he Edane? Cathy and Beth’s son, Janine’s boyfriend, valued member of his MilSim sports team? Or is he still White-Six, serial number CNR5-4853-W6, the untroubled killing machine? By joining a war to protect the powerless, he hopes to become more than the sum of his parts. Without White-Six, he’ll never survive this war. If that’s all he can be, he’ll never leave it.


Rootwork by Tracy Cross

Set in a small parish in Louisiana in 1889, Rootwork follows sisters, Betty, Ann and Pee Wee. When school lets out for the summer, the girls head off to stay with their hoodoo-practicing aunt, Theodora, an empowered woman equally feared and revered by the local townspeople. They learn how to make “hot foot powder” and the secrets of a good “black cat bone”. Need to get back at an enemy? A little goofer dust will help that. The girls delight in their new hoodoo adventure, until a tragic event strikes, involving the malicious town sheriff, transforming not only their lives but also the sisters themselves. A story of love, folk magic, redemption and independence, Rootwork explores the strength of family and the darker side of the heart.

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