xiane ✓ author

I'm the author of Contemporary Fantasy books set in a fae-filled version of Baltimore, MD, USA. I write stories filled with hope, magic, and community. I am a voracious reader and I love a wide variety of styles, but most often pick up SFF genre books.


Authored Stories:

In Sleep You Know, A Story of the Eleriannan by Christiane Knight ✓ author

Even the grittiest blue collar city has a spark of magic under the surface; but in Baltimore, graffiti holds secret messages and artists are the spellcasters. Abandoned buildings hide ancient beings, and at the local club, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with menacing and otherworldly creatures. If you know how to look, of course. Merrick Moore is just a regular guy with dreams of making it big with his garage band, but not much else - until he crashes a party thrown by reclusive eccentrics. He gets more than he bargained for: new powers, a girlfriend who can visit him in his dreams, and a seven year bond with the local Fae court. When the mortal enemies of his new friends show up to his band's first gig, Merrick finds himself trying to prevent the start of a war that will have consequences for everyone, Fae and human alike.

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