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Australian-based author of psychological, dark fantasy fiction with heavy themework. Host of the podcast Books Undone, specialised in deep-dives into speculative fiction. Writer of Unearthed Stories, books with choices available in Android/iPhone.


The Genesis of Change

The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot

Élan; the chaos-tamer, the record-breaker. Verve; the one behind the rise and fall of thousands of civilisations. Two alchemists, each sent on a mission by the leader of The Orders—The Rector. Élan must shatter their mentee’s humanity to train her as an alchemist, while Verve must define the unexplainable existing within a respected healer. When their missions reveal clues that could reformulate alchemy, they’ll edge closer to fathom The Rector’s goal while facing an endless conundrum—to remain as is, or to learn and adapt. The genesis of change is near.

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