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Blood Empire Burning

Blood Empire Burning by C. Thomas Lafollette

Revenge is a dish best served explosively. Luke and his werewolves are juggling multiple plots throughout several countries in their quest for vengeance. But after rescuing Roxi, Luke adds one more problem to his slate. The compulsion Mithras placed on them is killing her. Luke must convince the god to show mercy to Roxi, or he’ll add the god to his list of enemies. But with a masquerade ball to plan and several traps to lay, his plans dangle by a fraying thread. The brutal leader of the vampires is on the hunt for the mysterious the man subverting his werewolf minions. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, Luke must ensure he remains the cat if he doesn’t want to wind up in the trap. But one mistake could bring the whole house of cards exploding around his ears…

Blood Empire Infiltrated

Blood Empire Infiltrated by C. Thomas Lafollette

Revenge is a dish best served personally. Luke survived two years in a vampire prison, fighting for his captors’ amusement. The only bright spot was meeting Roxi, a fellow captive and powerful vampire hunter. Now that they’re free, he wants revenge. But when Roxi disappears, Luke’s world is shattered, and he adds a new name to his revenge list – the god that abandoned them both. But he must go on without her as he and his werewolf friends plan their vengeful return to Belgium. As Luke infiltrates the inner ranks of his enemies, he must stay sharp and not let the specter of his broken heart distract him. He’s surrounded by enemies, and there’s no room for mistakes. Especially as the dark god that drives the vampires hunts for him…

Blood Empire Avenged

Blood Empire Avenged by C. Thomas Lafollette

Trapped with nowhere to run… …sometimes bad choices are all you have. Can Luke save his friends and get everyone safely home to Portland? Betrayed by their werewolf allies and hunted by vampires, Luke and his friends barely escaped from Belgium with their lives and the children they rescued from the vampires. Now they’re trapped in Luxembourg with an army of vampires and werewolves about to descend on them. Luke must rely on the hospitality of Mathis Heinen, the alpha of the Luxembourg werewolf pack. When he offers a couple private jets to fly Luke and his friends out of Europe, they hope it’s the answer to their prayers. But after one betrayal, Luke is wary of the offer even if it’s a solution for the local packs to remove him, a dangerous agitator, from Europe. Can Luke and his friends trust the Luxembourg Alpha? Or will he betray Luke and his friends and sell them out to the vampires?

Rise of the Centurio Immortalis

Rise of the Centurio Immortalis by C. Thomas Lafollette

It’s dangerous business getting mixed up with gods… ...but a centurion always follow orders. When blood sucking monsters attack, can even the gods protect a loyal soldier of Rome? After three years campaigning in Armenia and Mesopotamia and a meteoric rise through the ranks of the legions, Lucius has been promoted to centurion and given a final mission from his dying emperor—go to Armenia to protect a remote temple dedicated to the god Mithras. With a Parthian assassin on their trail and a ferocious Caucasus Mountains winter in front of them, Lucius and his men are running out of time. And with dark demons waiting for them at Mithras’s temple, Lucius may be running out of luck. Enemies—mortal and not—are dogging Lucius’s every movement, and he isn’t sure he’ll be able complete his emperor’s mission…or even make it out alive. You’ll love this blend of historical fantasy and vampires, because history is better with fangs. Get it now! Rise of the Centurio Immortalis is a Luke Irontree Historical Adventure.

Blood Empire Reborn

Blood Empire Reborn by C. Thomas Lafollette

You can’t always go home… …but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Can Luke and his Portland werewolves stop a vampire invasion of Belgium? When Pieter calls for aid, Luke must return to the land of his birth to face a bloodthirsty vampire lord known only as Le Mousquetaire. With a leak inside the Belgian Pack and an invasion of vampires killing their packmates, Luke and his friends assemble a team of Portland werewolves to ferret out the mole and help Pieter. As soon as they land, the vampires strike, kidnapping Luke’s old friend and Pieter’s father. Now Luke and his team are on the run, eight people in a sea of enemies and allies with unknown loyalties. Hunted across multiple countries, Luke and his team are left with nothing but desperate choices if they want to make it out alive. Will the land of Luke’s birth also be the land of his death? Or will he and his friends escape the vampires and live to fight another day? You’ll love this adult action-adventure urban fantasy set in the land beer and waffles, because no destination is too far when it comes to your found family. Get it now! Blood Empire Reborn is the fourth book of the Luke Irontree & The Vampire War series and the first book in the Blood Empire story arc.

Dark Fangs Descending

Dark Fangs Descending by C. Thomas Lafollette

Beware he who hunts the hunter… …because the predator can become the prey. When vampires infiltrate the police, will Luke and his ragtag band of werewolves survive as Portland’s Most Wanted? Trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Luke and his growing werewolf army of vampire slayers are still a few steps behind the vamps and their vengeful leader, a man Luke once called a friend. This time, it’s not only their fanged immortal enemies they’re facing, but the very power structure of Portland itself. Dodging cops and vampires makes for a lethal contest no one wanted to play and leaves all of Portland vulnerable as their invisible protectors are hunted by a corrupted government. Luke will be pushed to the very edge of his abilities with no guarantee of survival. Can they escape the vampires’ clutches yet another time? Or will Luke’s luck finally run out? You’ll love the explosive conclusion to the Dark Fangs arc, because Luke isn’t going down without a fight. Get it now! Dark Fangs Descending is the third book in the Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War urban fantasy series.

Dark Fangs Raging

Dark Fangs Raging by C. Thomas Lafollette

An old friend becomes a new enemy… …and Luke is left playing catchup as the vampires turn up the heat. Can Luke and the North Portland Werewolf Pack unravel the vamps’ evil plan before it’s too late? Luke thought he knew what the vampires were up to. Same old enemy, same old tricks. But when a flood of heavily armed vampire mercenaries show up in Portland led by an old friend, Luke and his newly assembled crew of misfits are the ones left dodging bullets. For Luke and his new friends, it’s a race against time to stem the flow of heavy arms coming into Portland while also trying to find out how deep the connection goes between Portland’s police and Luke’s ancient enemy. Will Luke get to the bottom of how the vampires are smuggling weapons into Portland? Or will the vampires finally eliminate their deadliest enemy? You’ll love this thrilling urban fantasy sequel because danger is better with friends. Get it now! Dark Fangs Raging is the second book in the Luke Irontree & The Last Vampire War urban fantasy series.

Dark Fangs Rising

Dark Fangs Rising by C. Thomas Lafollette

Born in the forests of Gaul. Forged in the legions of Rome. Hunted on the streets of Portland. For 2,000 years, Luke “The Centurion Immortal” Irontree has protected humanity from bloodthirsty vampires. And watched everyone he’s known and loved die. He’d hoped Portland would be free from painful memories. But when vampires flood the streets with innocent blood, he returns to battle with nothing but his divinely blessed sword. When an easy-going werewolf and a mortal vampire slayer with a vendetta decide they want to join Luke and learn from the master, he refuses. Friends mean pain and loss. But when the vampires kidnap a trusted contact at a homeless camp, Luke must risk everything – including the bonds of newly forged friendship. Even then, three against a sea of murderous vampires might not be enough…

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