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Amy Ellis is an American currently living in London with her partner and dog, Olive. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Longwood University and a Masters in Digital Publishing from Oxford Brookes University. She works in publishing.


The Muse by Amy Ellis

In Georgian London, Elizabeth spends her precious free time painting watercolour flowers at the kitchen table. Art is not only an escape from the monotony of chores but a way to find a suitable husband who can give her security and a stable future. That was all she ever wanted until she met John, a talented painter with connections and patrons, who offered to take her on as a student and model for his new works. Being given the freedom to paint what she likes, Elizabeth is quickly seduced by John’s world: art, beautiful women, wealthy patrons, and the opportunity to earn her own money by becoming London’s premiere erotic portrait artist. But her newfound freedom comes at a cost and when her business is picked up in London’s scandal papers, there’s no way to go back to the stable life she once craved. This novel-in-verse is a scandalous and seductive love story of a young woman thrust into the indulgent world of art, sex, and money.

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