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For Better and Worse

For Better and Worse by E.B. Roshan

Boris and Anna's first baby is due any day, but the thought of raising a child in the war-torn city of Dor fills Anna with dread. Because Boris is so focused on keeping his struggling business afloat, he brushes her fears aside. When White Horse gangsters attack his illegal employee, Boris's attempt to protect him puts his own family in danger. Will doing the right thing cost him more than he's willing to pay?

Love Costs

Love Costs by E.B. Roshan

Nobody would have put Dunya and Radoslav together. She's Tur. He's Sevian. She's stuck in a refugee camp. He's working for the people who put her there. With three years of war and a fifteen-foot fence between them, finding happiness together seems impossible. But Radoslav can't get the girl with the pink hair—or her missing cat—out of his mind...

Final Chance

Final Chance by E.B. Roshan

Three months have passed since Preen learned that her husband, Rama, was captured and killed by a rival militia. Now the pieces of her shattered life are falling back into place. It's getting easier to breathe again. Preen finds herself smiling over her daughter's antics. She's engaged to her wealthy, handsome cousin, who loved her long before Rama stole her heart. Then, late one night, Rama calls. He asks Preen to come back to the dangerous city of Dor, back to the life she thought she'd left behind forever...

Wrong Place, Right Time

Wrong Place, Right Time by E.B. Roshan

Twenty-three years ago, Anna Belko had the misfortune to be born in Dor, Sevia's dangerous capital. Now, she spends her days sewing shirts at the garment factory and trying to ignore the hatred and ethnic violence that is tearing her city apart. Until one evening a spilled pot of tea and an unexpected meeting with a young man named Boris Merkovich turn her world upside down...

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