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William Sterling is an independent author and the host of the Killer Mediums podcast, hailing from the darkest depths of Georgia. My books play more in the realms of "popcorn flick horror" with a soft spot for unexpected endings.



Through Withered Roots by William Sterling

Sylvia Thomas grew up in Ravenhill, Vermont. For her, the town had always been mired in tragedy and bad omens. It was the place where her mom and her brother died in their mysterious accident, it was the place where her father lost his mind, and it was the place where Sylvia learned ghosts truly did exist. She swore she would never return. Now though, in a desperate attempt to protect her family, Sylvia finds herself trapped; railroaded back to that dead-end town with its shallowly buried secrets. For Sylvia, saving those that she loves will mean finally confronting her gruesome past.

Through Frozen Veins by William Sterling

Five year old Heath Barnes just wanted to go home, but the worst blizzard in Georgia’s history seems to have other plans. Forced to seek shelter in a suspicious old farmhouse, the Barnes family feels blessed to have found a safe place to ride out their frozen nightmare. But the other guests in this haven may not be who they seem, and the pale, bloody girl floating through the snow seems to be a harbinger of bad news. As the blizzard picks up outside, so too does the storm inside...

Killer Be Killed by William Sterling

KILLER BE KILLED is a reverse camp slasher novel. Boone Hampton had been dreading this day forever. The day when his baby girl would leave "the nest" to embark into the world on her own. He had hoped this moment wouldn’t come until college, or maybe a rebellious streak in high school, yet here he was, leaving her at a pre-teen summer camp. Boone squeezes his daughter’s hands one last time and lets her go. The day would have been hard enough if it had just ended there. But now the counselors at Camp Green Pines have begun sacrificing the campers to resurrect a long-slumbering demonic entity, and Boone will have to risk everything to avenge his daughter. Killer Be Killed takes the traditional camp serial killer formula and turns it on its head in a Splatterpunk-light homage to the slashers of the 80s with healthy doses of demonic possession and anti-cult related sub-plots cooked in for good measure. Lanyards On. Masks Up. Machetes Out. It's time to play some camp games. "A killing spree to remember. Kick back, forget trying to guess what's coming, and enjoy the carnage!" -Mike Clark; Author of the PATIENCE OF A DEAD MAN trilogy "Just when you think you know the rules, the Slasher genre rises again, more powerful than before. Equal parts homage to the classics and a road map to the future of the genre, Sterling's KILLER BE KILLED is frightening and funny, horrifying, and full of heart as it endlessly morphs and evolves, bringing threats both personal and universal. This is not to be missed." -James Sabata; Author of FAT CAMP and THE CASSOWARY

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