๐Ÿ“– Wesrants author

The stark mad ravings of a Fantasy author as he navigates the depression and trauma of a generation in a quest to make the world a little bit better. He/Him



Soul Wizard: Awakening by Wesley CP

Reeve Hern's life is going pretty well. He's attending college and lives with his beautiful girlfriend, Mari. But when Mari suddenly disappears, Reeve's world crumbles. Searching for answers, he enters a realm of magic and myths that exist in secret around the world he thought he knew. Soon after discovering this new reality, Reeve is recruited by a veteran Soul Wizard named Art. As Reeve learns about his new power, a growing threat of darkness looms as ancient enemies reawaken in the world of humanity. Reeve and Art become embroiled in the fight to keep the realms of magic and of humans safe from each otherโ€”a fight that's deadlier than either imagined.

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