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Jay Tallsquall (he/him) has always been a storyteller. Whether it be ghost stories by bonfires, building theatrical props and sets, costuming as superheroes, or running massive TTRPG campaigns, telling a tale has always been at the center of Tallsquall's life. Set against his fan


Promise of the Betrayer's Dagger

Promise of the Betrayer's Dagger by Jay Tallsquall

The last traitor of Arnadore turned his back on his people for a misguided love. Now, he must confront his cursed past, reconnect with his culture, and unlock the magic hidden inside his heart.Exiled and alone, Osman finds himself thrust back upon the shores of the homeland he deserted a decade before. To repay the debt he owes the brother he betrayed, Osman must traverse the Uldani Isles. Across the frozen tundra of Kyflenor, to the mist shrouded giant forests of Mornaserin, and beyond—his journey will unravel a secret legacy left to him by his father.“Promise of the Betrayer's Dagger is the sequel to Legacy of the Vermillion Blade. It is an epic coming-of-age adventure that explores the pain, joy, and unbreakable spirit of one of the series’ favorite characters. The high fantasy world of Rhymera features vivid worldbuilding and a diverse cast of LGBTQIA+ characters” -Jay TallsquallSometimes to find yourself, first you have to find your Family.

Legacy of the Vermillion Blade

Legacy of the Vermillion Blade by Jay Tallsquall


Talon Cour-Vermane is not only the sole inheritor of his House’s lands, titles, and political power, but also of the pact his family has forged with darkness through countless generations. From birth, Talon’s father tethered his son’s life to the family’s bloodline and his own ambitions of power, but everything changes when a new blacksmith and his young apprentice, Richen, join the staff at the Cour-Vermane estate. With their fateful meeting, Talon’s life changes course forever, derailing the meticulously laid out existence planned for him. From his family’s estates and the countryside of Eleryon to the extents of the Xallian Empire and the dwarven kingdom of Lymehold, Talon discovers the different aspects of love, true family, and himself as he battles his cursed blood and the shackles to darkness his father bound him with. “I wanted to craft an epic fantasy story featuring the incredible diversity of love and relationships that span the asexual spectrum in my LGBTQIA+ inclusive world. The new continent of Rhymera acts as the backdrop for Talon’s story, and I’ve filled it with a rich tapestry of living characters and unique locations that followers have come to expect from my storytelling.” — Jay Tallsquall An accessible tale of high fantasy adventure for all of those who have yearned for love and felt the heartbreak of its loss, Legacy of the Vermillion Blade is for the hopeful broken-hearted and the broken hopeful-hearted in us all.

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