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Retired firefighter and world traveler. Award winning crime novels.



Ransom by E.R. Yatscoff

"A real page-turner, I couldn't put it down." - Alberta Writing for Youth Competition Three friends face off against a rival gang in a suspenseful story of integrity, bravery, and friendship in a territorial battle. Out manned, out-sized, and outsmarted, they attempt to turn the tables. It totally backfires. They are shocked when Big Bill, their strongest and bravest, is captured and held for ransom by the imposing Fat Harold and his gang. How far will they go to rescue a friend?

Man On Fire

Man On Fire by E.R. Yatscoff

AWARD WINNING author. Ret. fire rescue officer – the real deal “The tale has lots of twists and a reveal, that I didn’t see coming. This novel offers a fresh perspective into firefighting, arson and revenge.” - Caffeinated Reviewer A fresh angle in the crime/mystery genre. This is no police, lawyer, or PI story. Obsession, a deadly secret, hot romance, murder, revenge, and arson. Captain Gerry Ormond a decorated Vancouver fire rescue captain & national hero returns home to visit his ailing father. His presence unleashes a series of events that threaten his career and life. Old friends are now enemies. The old hometown has become a minefield.

Out On A Limb

Out On A Limb by E.R. Yatscoff

You are a fine writer with a great sense of drama and a good grasp of what boys will read." - Lisa Rojany-Bucieri, Americhip Book. Two adventurous boys dare to build a tree house under the nose of their nasty, creepy, landlord, Egghead. It’s a cat and mouse game that will test their cunning and courage. Getting caught is not an option. No magic wands or mystical bag of tricks for these boys. “The plot, characters, and interaction, between the boys and the adults are all things editors look for.” -Heacock Literary Agency

Final Response

Final Response by E.R. Yatscoff

4.0 out of 5 stars "A rollicking tale of crime & action! – Christina Hoag author of ‘The Blood Room’ & ‘Law of the Jungle’ The brutal Polar Vortex has grown stronger with every winter, ravaging a major Canadian city that is evacuated until springtime. Fire Captain Jack Sellars and his firefighters are contracted by Vulcan Securities with one mandate: do NOT let the city burn down. With no power or gas, and every citizen gone, what could possibly happen? But the criminal gangs didn’t get the memo and begin looting the city. Captain Jack’s crew are witnesses to murder when drive-bys on the fire station begin. Their sanctuary is the fire station but the weight of the snow begins to bear on the roof creating yet another danger. Making it alive to springtime is going to take a miracle.

The Far Bank

The Far Bank by E.R. Yatscoff

"The plot, characters, and interactions between the children and adults are all things editors look for." - Heacock Literary Agency Keeping the bullies at bay, a paper route from hell, and reluctantly agreeing to a dangerous swimming race across the Welland Canal will change Ricky's life forever. Getting through the week is going to take smarts, courage, and a lot of swimming practice.

Services Rendered

Services Rendered by E.R. Yatscoff

Author Shout - Honorable Mention Award Need a pulse-pounding read? Look no further than this crime thriller novel. 4.0 out of 5 stars “A rollicking tale of crime & action!” – Christina Hoag author of ‘The Blood Room’ Ridding neighborhood bullies and troublesome squatters is a good sideline and pays better than their home reno gigs. When the courts or police can’t, or won’t help, well…good luck. Or you can hire Ritchie and Arlan, ex-cop and ex-con. They're the good kinda bad; angels to some, devils to others. But when they stumble on the real bad--a dangerous city gang--there's no one to call when they run out of options.

The Rumrunner's Boy

The Rumrunner's Boy by E.R. Yatscoff

Historical crime fiction and a coming of age tale. Crime in another time. CRIME WRITERS OF CANADA 2019 FINALIST SELECTION. CRITTERS ANNUAL readers poll BEST YA BOOK - top 10 finisher 1928 was nearing the end of the Roaring 20's. A big part of the roar was the battle raging against illegal liquor. American Prohibition Law and Canadian opportunity clashed and Canadians eagerly supplied booze to thirsty Americans. Smuggling, criminals, gangs, and a teen who must step into his father’s shoes among rough men and criminals. Jarrod Hooker, 17, gets caught up in the rough world of U.S. Prohibition, but is his promise to his father worth his life?

VooDoo Bully

VooDoo Bully by E.R. Yatscoff

E. McCormick, teacher-'fast paced, unpredictable & surprising!’ Diminutive HS student Evens knows who poisoned his dog. Will bullying the high school bully wield some revenge. Crazy? Risky? Totally. Perhaps a touch bit of voodoo will help things along.

Archie's Gold

Archie's Gold by E.R. Yatscoff

“A spellbinding juvenile mystery novel that is sheer magic." - Michele Rooney Literary Agency “…I was charmed by Archie.” – The Rights Factory Twelve year old Archie Crane has a dream to be reunited with his estranged father. Shining shoes in front of a hotel in a tough blue-collar town is the only way, but it'll take a lot of nickels and dimes for a bus ticket. Shining shoes is his first job and it's not easy fending off drunks and cheats. Archie has developed a tough exterior working the streets, but inside he’s just a lonely kid who seeks his father’s love. Archie doesn’t like his school and the kids at school don’t like him. His only friends are an old ex-vaudeville entertainer, Freddie Fox, a secretive Indian, Lyle Raintree, and Ma Belasky, a mysterious gypsy woman who runs the local café, a hangout for ex-cons and riff-raff. The mean streets get a whole lot meaner when Boogy, rink rat and bully, is determined to wrest the shoe-shine spot away from Archie by any means. After Boogy pushes him into traffic, Archie awakens in the hospital with two detectives at his bedside, very curious as to how a stolen gold coin ended up in his money can. One stolen gold coin is a curiosity, but when he stumbles upon 42, his simple world is turned upside down. The two cops catch gold fever, determined to find all the coins. Caught between holding stolen items and finding a trustworthy person to turn the gold into cash proves to be fraught with danger. As the walls begin to tumble and the police close in, Archie's hope of rejoining his father may only be a dream.

Fire Dream

Fire Dream by E.R. Yatscoff

“The tale has lots of twists and a reveal, that I didn’t see coming. This novel offers a fresh perspective into firefighting, arson and revenge.” - Caffeinated Reviewer Fire Captain Gerry Ormond, thrust into the media spotlight due to an heroic rescue visits his hometown after a twenty-year absence. His old crime as a teenager in a renegade fraternity comes to light and his life begins to unravel. Old friends are now enemies and an arson murderer seeks revenge for the old crime.

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