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A Canadian-born Author of Science Fiction (primarily Space Opera / Military SF) and Fantasy (Primarily Epic Fantasy)


The Bitter End (Book 1 - Keys to the World)

The Bitter End (Book 1 - Keys to the World) by Scott Kelemen

Book 1: Keys to the World Mia d'Rein and her brother Kai lived simple, pastoral lives. In the span of one night, both terror and love swoop in and rip them away from their sleepy existence. Caught up in events a thousand years in the making, they will join the race for legendary artefacts that have the power to reshape humanity forever. Evil forces will try and seize those artefacts, forcing the siblings and their friends to embrace a dangerous reality; that they must rise beyond the tragedy and curiosity that tore them from their homes and become something more.

Of Bravery and Bluster (Book 2 - Worlds Afire)

Of Bravery and Bluster (Book 2 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Book 2 of Worlds Afire After years of intense training in the star system of Havoc, five cadets are nearing graduation from the Academy which trains officers for the Alliance Navy, the force responsible for protecting humanity in a region of space far from Earth. Having survived every test the Academy has to offer, including a deadly encounter with rogue cadets that was never planned, the cadets must now embark on a new series of challenges that will have them face to face with aliens, meet high powered politicians, and tested for bravery under deadly stress. Yet as difficult as those trials might be, there are worse dangers stalking them in the dark. The agents who manipulated the rogue cadets seek a reckoning for their disrupted plans, and an old enemy is about to resurface who is not nearly as dead as everyone thinks. The Academy wants to test the mettle of these cadets. But what they are about to experience will go far beyond anything their instructors ever intended.

Of Anchors and Aspirations (Book 1 - Worlds Afire)

Of Anchors and Aspirations (Book 1 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Worlds Afire Book 1 Hunted by a rogue operative on her home world, Johanna Summer is sent away to embark on a new life as a cadet at the Alliance’s Navy Space Academy. The challenging new life offers her the chance of finding a real purpose for the first time, a vision shared by her new friends and classmates. As these new friends start their careers, another group of more senior military cadets try to carve out a different way of life, shunning the Navy for a lifestyle of their own choosing. Stealing weapons, ships, and whatever else they might need, the thieves will stop at nothing to break free, whatever the cost. In the process, they will align with the one hunting Johanna, and everyone involved will discover just how far a zealot will go for his cause. Of Anchors and Aspirations is the first novel in the "Worlds Afire" series, set in a future where the human diaspora has carried humanity into a distant region of the galaxy where they have carved out a new destiny for themselves far from Earth.

Of Daring and Devilry (Book 4 - Worlds Afire)

Of Daring and Devilry (Book 4 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Book 4 of the Worlds Afire Series: For those who survived the conflict at New Liberty, the galaxy has been forever changed. Nothing had prepared them for the realities of open conflict, and most found themselves unready. Even those who displayed courage cannot ignore that the battle unveiled how centuries of peace have eroded the Navy's fighting edge. Johanna Summer and her friends try to put the pain they suffered behind them and look toward the future. Their careers are still new, and they still have much to prove. But sweeping change is not kind. It does not wait for people to be ready. Events have been put into motion that cannot be stopped. War is coming. Once again, all these young officers can do is try and survive lest they be pulled under by the violent currents swirling around them.

Of Courage and Chaos (Book 3 - Worlds Afire)

Of Courage and Chaos (Book 3 - Worlds Afire) by Scott Kelemen

Book 3 of the "Worlds Afire" Series Having survived the final trials of the Academy, Johanna and her friends begin their careers amidst the stars as Midshipmen in the Alliance Navy fleet. As they take their first steps, hidden forces continue their work to de-stabilize the very Alliance so many have fought to protect. Their plans will empower a madman, whose murderous attempt to usurp power will incite war for the first time in centuries. The Alliance Navy is summoned to stop him, and those ships will carry Johanna and the others right into the heart of the storm.

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