RLSHOFF author

R. L. S. Hoff writes young adult science fiction and fantasy with strange worlds, stranger creatures, bits of romance… …and princesses, of course. She lives out her own real-life adventures in a just-right sized house with a messy yard in view of the Rocky Mountains.



StarRacer by R. L. S. Hoff

Anya just got everything she thought she wanted. So why isn’t she happier? Anya’s made the colony team. She’s going to the planet—and even if it’s with a guy she barely knows, at least he respects her art skills and her ability to grow things. That’s way better than what she expected in her life partner. On the other hand, her schedule is intense, the living conditions are cramped, everybody seems to be in her business, and her dad is still trying to make life difficult for everyone. Plus, she has to start over making friends when that has never been her strong suit.

Leaving Hope (Golden Terrace Colony Book 1) by R.L.S. Hoff

If Anya doesn't marry the guy her parents choose, this generation will be the last with pure Euros. She can live with that. They might not let her. The trouble is, that guy (the one Anya’s parents like) wants to be ship captain. That means staying on Hope. When there’s a new world within reach, waiting to be explored… Anya doesn’t know if she’s smart enough or strong enough to be part of the colony team that will get the planet ready for humans to live there. But she's sure she'll like forming a new world as much as she enjoys molding light sculptures. Two activities her parents despise almost as much as they despise her talking with anyone other than “that guy.” Yeah, Anya’s life stinks. But her parents are powerful. And her father’s sometimes violent. Which is probably why Anya hates conflict. Maybe she should just go along with her parents’ plans… And be stuck, friendless, living other people’s dreams. But what’s the alternative?

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