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Samantha Havardson is in hiding. All things considered, it could be worse. For the time being, she’s safe from the immortal warrior hellbent on settling a thousand-year-old vendetta against her. However, an unknown assailant has been inside Samantha’s head, turning her into a liability to the very people trying to protect her. Meanwhile, Adrestus enacts the final stages of his plan, positioning himself to subjugate all of civilization. Options are slim, time is running out, and Samantha must come to terms with the fact that some villains can only be taken down from the inside, even if it means running the risk of becoming a weapon to be used against those closest to her.


DELTA by MT Zimny

Samantha Havardson still isn't an Apex, but that's about the only thing she's sure of anymore. Her family and her identity have splintered and an immortal warrior named Adrestus is at fault. Now, Samantha must scramble to pick up the scattered pieces of her life while juggling high school and being the only kid on Apex Team without super abilities. Things only get more complicated when a cryptic message appears: NEW DELOS WILL BURN. Samantha's past continues to bleed into her present, getting in the way of friendships, sword practice, and final exams. While the city runs out of time, Sammy grows increasingly desperate to save the people she loves and her efforts just might land them in more danger than they were in to begin with.


Beta by MT Zimny


Samantha Havardson is not an Apex. Seriously. She's completely ordinary with a totally normal family that just happens to be moving to the Apex epicenter of the world- the manmade island city of New Delos. Although she thinks her lack of super Apex abilities will keep her out of the limelight, it quickly becomes apparent that the city has different plans, sweeping Samantha up in a world of secret identities and super powers where anyone, even those closest to her, might be an Apex. Plagued by missing students, secret Apex teams, and a mysterious man named Adrestus, Samantha searches for answers, causing secrets to unravel about her classmates, her family, and herself that drag her deeper into the secret world of the Apex.

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