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Tasmanian Gothic by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

A modern gothic thriller set in a decaying urban environment and lush mutant wilderness. Solari wasn’t alive when the ozone layer split above Tasmania and spilled radiation over the edge of the stratosphere, but she’s living with the consequences—the mutations, the gangland war, and the border wall that divides the affluent North from the contaminated South. Orphaned and alone in the southern reaches, Solari survives the chaos the only way she knows how: cooking the wildly addictive snowrock for local crime lord, Worcsulakz, and avoiding the mutants that skulk in the lush, untamed wilderness of the Fringes. But, when her junkie ex-boyfriend puts Solari more firmly in Worcsulakz’s debt, she runs—escaping the promise of violent retribution with a stolen van and a pair of giant wings cleaved from a mutant moth. Grafting the wings to her body disguises Solari as one of Tasmania’s most reviled and hunted, but grants her refuge in the one place Worcsulakz won’t look for her—a mutant enclave. There, Solari will form an unlikely alliance and commence the dangerous journey through gangland strongholds and carnival towns to get to the Border Wall in the north. Hunted by Worcsulakz, the hidden terrors of the Fringes, the secrets in her family’s past, and the deception at the core of her fragile alliance, Solari will need to confront them all or stay condemned to a life of loneliness and brutality. -- This dark biopunk adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world of danger and decay is perfect for readers of dystopian, gothic, and new weird science fiction, and fans of China Mieville, Jeff VanderMeer, Kameron Hurley, and Tamsyn Muir.

Revolution (Divided Elements #3) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

With her conditioning finally unravelled, Anaiya is free. But her single-minded pursuit to pull down the Orthodoxy is made more complicated with the return of old friends and foes who challenge and fight her for the chance to decide Otpor's future. In a world of fragile trust and heavy betrayals - will Anaiya finally get what she wants? Or will she, too, join the legacy of her former mentor - the infamous Original Resistor, Kane 148?

Rebellion (Divided Elements #2) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

"The sky over the Edges shimmers then falters. Hovering between night and day, the dawn has come and trapped it between two very different realities - blurring it at the fringes until it becomes impossible to tell whether it is in one state or the other. Maybe both, maybe neither. Maybe something altogether different." In the anticipated sequel to Mikhaeyla Kopievsky's award-winning debut, Resistance, Anaiya 234 finds herself abandoned and reviled by both the Fire and Air Elements. While desperate to stay off the radar and keep her own Heterodoxy hidden, her guilt and need for redemption drive her back into the conflict that first unraveled her identity. But Otpor has changed - now a battleground scarred by violent attacks and reprisals. And Anaiya is no longer the Elemental she once was. Forced to confront her fractured identity and forge new relationships, will Anaiya's past come back to haunt her...or help her?

Resistance (Divided Elements #1) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky


Winner of a OneBookTwo Standout Award and Semi-finalist in Hugh Howey's inaugural SPSFC From the moment you are born, you are conditioned to know this truth: Unorthodoxy is wrong action, Heterodoxy is wrong thought. The first will lead to your Detention. The second to your Execution. A century from now, the walled city-state of a future Paris is enjoying its Golden Age. The horrors of the Singularity forgotten, citizens revel in an intoxicating mix of abandon and apathy made possible by the Orthodoxy—a new world order where everything is engineered for maximum efficiency, including identities. Dividing the population into four neuro-social classes has allowed the government to maintain control and ensure its citizens exist in complete equality, fraternity, and liberty. But, not everyone is satisfied with the status quo. Anaiya, a Peacekeeper aligned to the single-minded Fire class, has dedicated her life to enforcing the rules. Unlike other citizens, she has extra motivation to prove herself loyal: she’s still tarnished by the legacy of her Heterodox mentor, the infamous Kane 148. So, when forbidden murals start appearing on crumbling walls calling for citizens to rebel, Anaiya will do anything to bring down the growing resistance movement—even if it means sacrificing her identity. Realigned from her proud Fire identity to an irrational and unpredictable Air, Anaiya goes deep undercover in search of the growing rebellion. But, with her dual nature pulling her in opposite directions and her mind fracturing under the pressure, her convictions waver and her hold on the truth starts to slip. As the city descends into chaos, Anaiya is left with a fatal choice: stay loyal to her mission, or risk it all for her new identity and the resistance that has shown her a different truth. Utopia comes at a cost. Not everyone is willing to pay the pay the price. Resistance is the award-winning first book in the dark and subversive dystopian trilogy, Divided Elements. Perfect for fans of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, this stunning debut explores themes of loyalty, identity, betrayal, and resistance against the carnival atmosphere of a dystopian Paris. If you’re ready to graduate from YA dystopian classics like Divergent and The Gender Game, or are looking for a contemporary tale in the classic style of Zamaytin’s We or Orwell’s 1984, you’ll love Kopievsky’s Resistance. Buy now to start reading this addictive dystopian novel today.

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