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Daughter of first-generation Latine and Polish parents, Larissa N. N. Davila is a child psychologist and professor. She lives in Michigan, where in addition to writing fiction, she directs a mental health clinic for children and conducts research to improve psychological treatmen


Cael's Shadow (The Sky Seekers, Bk 2) by Larissa N N Davila

“THOROUGHLY ENGROSSING ON MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS.” –Midwest Book Review Cursed soldier Jhared Denaban escaped the killing winds and the deadly conspiracies in the city only to find himself caught between the desires of a ruthless priestess and the fury of a demon-haunted madman. Both hold the keys to understanding his identity, but for Jhared to accept the agonizing truths they offer, he must surrender his last hope of finding a place among his people. Lady Nemiah’s urgent search for the goddess’s power reveals heresy and treason among those she loves. To endure their betrayals, she must cling to the rules and rituals that she thought protected her, or reject them and claim her own perilous power. As they struggle to survive the machinations of the Council of Clans, Jhared and Nemiah each realize that destruction awaits Avelos unless they can free themselves from the brutal roles imposed on them. Readers who love the exploration of power and oppression in N. K. Jemisin’s work, the political intrigue of Guy Gavriel Kay’s worlds, and the depth of characters in Robin Hobb’s tales will lose themselves in the world of Avelos, where history is malleable, loyalties are tangled, and the truth conceals itself within a Web of possible realities that only the bravest—or the most desperate—can travel.

Shorn by Larissa N N Davila

“A striking debut.” –Jacqueline Carey, New York Times bestselling author of the Kushiel's Legacy series Jhared Denaban, a cursed soldier, enters his country's service desperate to pay the generations-old debt caused by his race’s betrayal. Though Shorn of his wings, like all his treacherous kind, Jhared still burns with dark desires for rebellion and flight. Posted to the border to protect Avelos from invaders, he discovers that his best intentions inevitably turn toward chaos. As he seeks the source of political and magical threats, he must defend himself from the people who believe his death is the only way the ancestral debt can be settled. High Priestess Nemiah struggles to keep her people safe on the Sacred Path. Her temple lost its standing when its priestesses rose against their rulers. Now she seeks forbidden history and heretical secrets to learn how to fight the magic that shreds her country. Only by betraying Avelos once again can Jhared and Nemiah save their people from destruction. But what new chaos will their choices create? A tale of oppression and resilience, the high cost of vengeance, and the malleable nature of truth. Shorn carries us to a breathtaking new world on wings that won’t be broken.

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