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Unseen: The Mercer Nox Story by L.A. Wasielewski

What did life give me? Torment. Grief. A scarred soul. Did I deserve it? Maybe. Did I welcome it? Maybe… Call me cursed, arrogant, bitter. Call me whatever you want. I know my place in this world, I know where I stand with the Goddess. I know how I ended up here, what I did. What I didn’t do. It haunts me, but then again, don’t we all have demons? Some tried to tell me it was destiny, but I refuse to believe some outside force controls my life. Bad things happen, good things happen. In my case, well, let’s just leave it at that and move on. It’s probably better that way. Unseen: The Mercer Nox Story follows the incredible life of a man who never really wanted to participate in the whole “saving the world” thing in the first place—but realized he really didn’t have a choice. And it annoyed him to no end. This book contains major spoilers for The Alchemist Trilogy, it is recommended that you read the original trilogy first for maximum enjoyment!

The Alchemist: Awakening by L.A. Wasielewski

Insurmountable Odds. As the world is plunged into chaos, Destiny’s champion has been thrust onto the battlefield between life and death, and whether he survives is not necessarily for him to decide. With friends missing, relationships in jeopardy, and the existence of life across the empires in danger of being extinguished, will good triumph? Or will darkness befall the lands, dooming the remaining citizens to walk the fields of death until they can no longer fight? Foes are not what they seem as the spirits of time try desperately to hold on until their savior appears. As the end draws near, hope is waning. Death. Life. Love. Loyalty. Boundless time. The thrilling conclusion to The Alchemist Trilogy

The Alchemist: Dark Horizon by L.A. Wasielewski

Impending war. Lives have been lost, and the blood of the people flows fresh across the Vrelin Empire. Beaten, and without the person who means the most at his side, Ryris Bren's life has been tossed into a tailspin. He is now faced with a weighty decision that will ultimately decide not only the fate of the world, but the fate of the one he loves beyond all reason. Will he be able to summon the strength to revolt against the evil scourge and take back what has been stolen from mankind? From him? With new friends, and wielding impressive new magic, he quickly realizes he is so much more than just a simple alchemist. He will not give up. He cannot fail. The time to sit back and watch has passed, for Ryris’ destiny has given him no choice but to answer the call.For himself. For the world. For love. Book Two of the Alchemist Trilogy

The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny by L.A. Wasielewski

Ryris Bren is a talented alchemist with a secret: forbidden magical power. After making his way to the capital city to open a new shop, he goes on a routine harvest trip and soon discovers his life will never be the same. Destiny, it seems, had her eyes set on him—even before his birth. He stumbles across a specter from the past, one who will turn his life upside-down and force him to face demons he never thought possible. With war now on the horizon, an evil necromancer and his new pawn threaten to transcend time to wreak the havoc he was denied on an ancient battlefield—and Ryris needs to decide if secrets are best kept…or utilized to his advantage. Book One of the Alchemist Trilogy

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