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R. A. Klepsis, author and Wizard Extraordinaire, spends most of his time at his residence outside of Ilium, where he writes and tends his collection of tiny monsters.



The Amulet and the Dragon

The Amulet and the Dragon by R. A. Klepsis

What do you get for the prince who has everything? This question is on the mind of Rizo Malkin after he and Cordela Shent are invited to the wedding of their friend Prince Prothar. Rizo also wonders what he is going to do with himself now that he's learned all the magic he needs. But his chief concern is unlocking the secrets of the ruby amulet he “found” on his last venture. Cordela has questions of her own, such as why she, the savior of the world, is stuck teaching hieroglyphics class. When Rizo requests her help to investigate his amulet, she eagerly joins him. Besides, she couldn't very well let him get into trouble by himself. During the resulting quest, Cordela, Rizo and their friends learn how perilous it can be to get exactly what they want. It might even cost them their friendships. Revisit Cordela's world, first introduced in Water Against Chaos. Experience all the excitement, dangers, surprises and shenanigans of her latest adventure, based on events of an actual tabletop fantasy roleplaying campaign. Spoiler alert: there may be a dragon involved.

Water Against Chaos

Water Against Chaos by R A Klepsis


Cordela sets out as a young woman for a life of adventure with a staff, a shield, and a dream. Along the way she acquires friends, magical abilities, and treasure. By facing and conquering various monsters she hones her skills, but her enemies also become more powerful and numerous. Soon she finds herself facing a vast conspiracy of chaos, led by a shadowy black wizard. She must lead the forces of law in a great battle to restore order and balance. Will she have the fortitude to take down the black wizard? Or will she find that he serves even greater forces? Cordela's quest will take her to places far beyond the little village of her youth. If this sounds like a typical setup for a fantasy tabletop role playing campaign, that is because it is. This novelization of an actual play TTRPG follows one simple rule. If it happened at the table, it goes in the book! Discover this fantasy world and its inhabitants along with the characters and the players who played them. Experience as the relationships, friendly, rivalrous, and antagonistic, develop just as they did at the table. Share the fun, excitement, wonder, and suspense that the players did while collaboratively creating this adventure.

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