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Testament of An Archangel by Kat Loveland

I am Remiel, one of nine archangels created by the universe to fill it with creatures and plants, but only one if us, my brother, Elohim, could actually bring things to life. The rest of us created the designs, which were simply statues until Elohim chose to give them the ability to breathe, grow and live. Over time Elohim's hubris grew, the fact the he is the true creator of life looms ever larger in his mind. He decided to create something that would worship him, thank him for it's existence. That creation became humans. The first of their kind, an entirely new creature unlike any we had ever made before. My other brother Lucifer at first liked the challenge, but disagreed with the idea of any creation fearing them. The first human they made was Lilith, but in an attempt to spare humans from being forced to worship Elohim, Lucifer gives Lilith a gift of her own, which starts the spiral that ripped our family apart and plunged the universe into eternal conflict.

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