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Rusted Lies, a Dalton Rust P.I. Novel by Jacob Klop

You'd think being a detective is a pretty good gig, but when Dalton Rust gets roped into his newest case he can't help but wonder why he ever got into the business. The Royals are looking for blood, the Harpers won't stop badgering him, and even his own cat, Thatch, keeps tripping him up. The news doesn't get any better when Rust discovers a cybermancer who's capable of turning invisible and tossing people around like paper plates is protecting the document he needs to retrieve. But it's not all bad. His coffee maker still works like a dream. Now if only Rust could figure out why a bunch of high powered families from the Hill are so interested in an average crank like him...but no one wants to talk, and time is running short.

Sun Giver by Jacob Klop

Born powerless, Arabel is abandoned in twilight by her lumin parents. Raised by greys, she is treated like an outsider for most of her life, yet when her enclave is raided by lumin soldiers, Arabel vows to rescue her people at any cost. In spire city Coronus, Supreme Solar Roland discovers a dangerous firearm that violates the Great Edict – All machinery and weapons must be powered by lumins. Roland casts a suspicious eye upon the twilight dwelling greys, and ponders the relevance of their existence. Two nations that once lived in harmony have become divided by prejudice and fear. But conflict will not restore their fractured bonds. Only the return of sun givers can set Tandor's people on a path to reforging their broken ties. Only a sun giver can save them from destroying one another. But a sun giver hasn't been discovered in generations… …until now.

The Community by Jacob Klop

For generations, the Community has thrived within a complex cave system, sheltered from a blight that has infected the rest of the world. Despite the seeming perfection of their society, its people want nothing more than to return to the Outside, and so, every ten years, a Hope is chosen to venture forth and discover whether it is now safe for them to emerge from their rocky home. The Hope has never returned.​ Generations of Fathers and Mothers have always guided the Community, and the people are completely devoted to them and their society, but after Bastion's dad is chosen, he questions whether Father is truly the benevolent leader the rest of the Community believes. His lack of faith leads him on a path of self discovery and redemption, but he loses sight of those closest to him. Through his ignorance he sets the Community on a path that teeters between salvation and destruction. Sometimes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Crooked Souls by Jacob Klop

A thin crack is all it takes for wickedness to coil into our world. Winding through the delicate minds of innocents and the twisted desires of killers, it preys upon the crippled pieces of our souls. From a train bound for Hell, to the greedy cravings of a murderous unicorn, Crooked Souls is a collection of sixteen original horror stories about broken people and the unearthly encounters disturbing their lives. If you like horror that builds steadily to twist endings, you'll love Crooked Souls.

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