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J. Clark is the author of SHE STEALS JUSTICE. She uses her philosophical background to write themes of social justice, feminism, and other themes in her work. Aside from her debut novel her poetry publications include Contemplations of the Faithful, Fall Fancy, and “Barter”.



She Steals Justice by J. Clark

She Steals Justice is a powerful urban retelling of the Robin Hood legend set in the American South—from an author who knows the area intimately. When her sister becomes pregnant, Robyn Carter starts to take a stand against the abuse she's suffered for years at the hands of her sister's boyfriend. But as she gets deeper into her fight, Robyn uncovers secrets that force her to reckon with what it truly means to be justice-minded and community-oriented, as well as what it costs to protect those around her. To the reader: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss abusive relationship, blood, cheating, death, misogyny, murder, physical abuse, poisoning, pregnancy, racism, sexism, violence. Please read with caution, and protect your mental health as needed.

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