📖 GenevieveGinn author

Hi! I am an indie author, just starting out! Normally I write epic fantasy, with a splash of romance. But I LOVE science fiction and hope to grow my backlist with many unique and fresh stories in the future. I hope you enjoy my debut sci-fi and keep in touch for new titles. :)



Sphere of Influence by G.E. Ginn

After centuries of war and mismanagement, planet earth is finally dying, and no one is inclined to do much about it but pack up and leave. If you're rich enough. Cheetah and his best friend, Mayan, have no intention of sticking around until the end of days, knowing he, at least, will be amongst those kicked to the curb. Inspired by an old map, a stashed away lunar shuttle and a ride or die attitude, their last hurrah will be to experience their last days on their terms; as free people, fighting for their survival their way. And who knows? Maybe they'll end up doing something noble after all. Like save the human race.

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