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Footprints in the Worm Garden by Fabrina Glitchlace

Runt hasn't been harmonizing with her sister for a while. But a death in the family forces a remix of roles, and she finds herself with a whole new pet peeve.

The Zero Day Proposal by Fabrina Glitchlace

Daniqua was just a regular single woman; hungry, horny, and trying to make it on her own in the world. But her past came calling and now her weekend plans are FUBAR. Will she play her role, prevent nuclear annihilation, and win financial freedom? What will be her answer to The Zero Day Proposal?

Jank by Fabrina Glitchlace

We all seek The Way. To maximize Expected Value. To burn as brightly and for as long as odds allow. To Go Infinite. Join M'Ycell MacGyver for Episode 389 of The Ωmega Phi Podcast. You have been summoned.

Shitlord In the Anus of Madness by Fabrina Glitchlace

Like all great artists do, Shia tried to become his art. He tried to be a force for good in the world. He tried to change minds. He tried his best to elevate consciousness; to help people realize their potential for self actualization. He tried to enable them to become like him: Master of their own destiny. To not let their dreams be dreams. But instead, he ended up exhausting his social capital, leaving sloppy personal messes in his wake which could not be cleaned. He became unemployable. Toxic. He was pushed out by those who had once accepted him. He was dumped. Now he hungers for the success that he once tasted.

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