📖 ERYatscoff author

Ex-fire rescue officer. Writes crime novels in aduly, YA, and MG genres


Teeth of the Cocodrilo by E.R. Yatscoff

A punch of an adventure novel!" – Christina Hoag, author of Skin of Tattoos “Aaron Landers is in paradise - problem is, it’s going to get him killed. Ever wondered what it would be like to have the Mexican mafia, police, and drug smugglers looking for you – and wanting you dead?.” – Jeff Buick, bestselling author. “Entertaining, heart-pounding, and realistic!” -Laurie Stevens bestselling author Intrigue, obsession, hot romance, international crime, and murder set along the beautiful Mayan Riviera. Fate plays its hand to bind ex-firefighter Aaron Landers and Mexican state police Commandant Luis Gutierrez, when he saves the lives of Luis' sons in Cancun. Aaron falls hard for the alluring Maria Vasquez who comes with a vengeful, estranged husband and a sordid past with Luis. Opportunity arrives in easy money scams for Aaron and the Commandant, but the small crimes turn on them and explode into murder and revenge.

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